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BNP is trying to do politics by capitalizing on people’s suffering: Obaidul Quader

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Update : Friday, October 14, 2022

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General Secretary of Awami League Obaidul Quader said that the BNP leaders who have no vision of progress are talking loudly without understanding the reality of the global crisis and are trying to do politics by capitalizing on the suffering of the people.

He said this in a statement on Friday (October 14) protesting the baseless, absurd and politically motivated speech of the BNP Secretary General.

He said that the crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine war is global, all the countries of the world are dealing with this crisis and are looking for ways to deal with it if the crisis deepens in the future, while BNP Secretary General is demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for this reason – Obaidul Quader BNP Secretary General in this regard By asking the question, will the Prime Ministers of all the countries of the world resign in this crisis?

General Secretary of Awami League said, Bangladesh is not an isolated island. Although this global crisis is not caused by us, it has affected Bangladesh.

He also said that the World Bank is afraid of a global recession from next year. In this context, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina, being a visionary, asked to take precautionary measures in advance and talked about more food production.

In response to Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir’s statement that the government will fall through the movement, Obaidul Quader said that the BNP Secretary General has been saying this for more than a century to cheer up their frustrated leaders and activists.

He said, just as a cow does not die with the prayers of a vulture, the government will not fall with the prayers of BNP.

Obaidul Quader claimed that the illusory dream of resignation of the government that BNP leaders and their workers are seeing will never happen in reality and said that Sheikh Hasina government will remain in power as long as the people want.

Obaidul Quader also said in the statement that the government will not fall on the words of BNP leaders.

Declaring 29 government institutions as ‘Critical Information Infrastructure’ has caused a big disaster, freedom of speech and freedom of the press has been completely destroyed – In response to the comments of the BNP Secretary General, Awami League General Secretary said in his statement that Fakhrul Sahib may not know the neighboring countries of India and Korea. And the important information infrastructures of different countries of the world, including the United Kingdom, have been identified.

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