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The Prime Minister inaugurated Madhumati and the third Shitalakshya bridge

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Update : Monday, October 10, 2022

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the country’s first six-lane Madhumati Bridge in Narail and the third Shitalakshya Bridge in Narayanganj have created an opportunity to connect Bangladesh with international highways. For this reason Madhumati Bridge and third Shitalakshya Bridge in Narayanganj are both very important.

He said this while inaugurating the country’s first six-lane Madhumati bridge over the Madhumati river at Narail and the freedom fighter AKM Nasim Osman bridge over the Shitalakshya river at Narayanganj on Monday (October 10). News bus.

The Prime Minister said that since the progress of Bangladesh is mainly dependent on the communication system, the government is working tirelessly for the overall development of the communication system.

Sheikh Hasina said that what she realized after visiting the entire Bangladesh is the development of the communication system. Which he is doing as best he can.

The Prime Minister said that whenever he got the opportunity to run the state after being elected by the people’s vote, he devoted himself to the service of the people and Awami League always came to power with the support of the people through elections. This is the history of Awami League. Besides, Awami League has continued the democratic process in the country.

The Prime Minister said that his government built a multi-purpose bridge on the Yamuna Bridge for the first time. Also completed the construction of many more bridges. This includes construction of Dharla Bridge, Gabkhan Bridge, Shikarpur and Doarika Bridges and bridges over Bhairav ​​River. His government’s effort was to bring the whole of Bangladesh under one communication network.

He said, now we can claim that we have been able to establish communication between the entire area of ​​the country.

While inaugurating the two bridges virtually through a video conference from her office, the Prime Minister said, ‘The two newly inaugurated bridges will play an important role in the development of Bangladesh and will greatly strengthen the country’s socio-economic progress.’

He said that initially the foundation of the present Madhumati Setu was laid as Kalna Bridge, but since it is built on the Madhumati River and the name Madhumati is also very sweet, he decided to name it Madhumati Setu. He also named the third Shitalakshya Bridge after Nasim Osman, a brave freedom fighter and protester of the 1975 assassination of the Father of the Nation. He also mentioned that earlier his government had constructed two more bridges on Shitalakshya river and Muktarpur bridge for the development of Narayanganj people.

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader spoke on the occasion. Ambassador of Japan to Bangladesh Ito Naoki and Ambassador of Saudi Arabia Isa Yousef Isa Al Duhailan also spoke.

Road Transport and Highways Department Secretary ABM Amin Ullah Noori gave a brief description of the bridges. Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister. Ahmad Kaykaus moderated the video conference. A video documentary on the bridge project is also shown.

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