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“RAB cannot be managed in other country’s plans, it is dishonorable”

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Update : Sunday, October 9, 2022

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JSD president ASM Abdur Rab commented that the government’s statement on RAB has undermined the authority of the state. He made this comment in a statement today. The statement referred to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s press conference at Ganobhaban last Thursday. The Prime Minister said on this day, ‘Who created RAB? RAB was created on the advice of America, America gives them training, weapons, helicopters and even their digital systems, ICT systems are all given by America.

In the statement, ASM Abdur Rab said, “The elite force of an independent sovereign country cannot be guided by the plans of another country.” It is very embarrassing and undignified, it undermines the authority of the state. The government has been undiplomatic in blaming the US for failing to deal diplomatically with the debacle of sanctions on RAB. The government wants to find a way to absolve itself by putting all the responsibility of RAB’s activities on the US.

“If the state cannot implement legal directives or decisions on state forces or institutions and structures in its own interest, then the authority of the state is undermined, ultimately leading to the destruction of the state.” It is for the sake of our existence in the geopolitical reality that we need to be more careful about these issues.

Asam Rao also said, “It should be remembered that ‘RAB’ is not a logical solution to create a crime-free society. Mainly due to socio-economic reasons the existing colonial regime is ineffective in solving the crimes that occur. The solution is to introduce a state structure suitable for an independent country. The basic crisis of the state has only been ignored by the formation of RAB. Not only that, RAB is also accused of violating human rights today. In order to introduce a state structure suitable for an independent country instead of the conventional oppressive colonial regime, I am calling on the countrymen to develop a mass awakening for the implementation of an inclusive governance system of all the members of the society, including representatives of labor, work and professions at all stages of decision-making and implementation.

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