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‘Hindu community suffered more torture during Awami League’s rule’

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Update : Sunday, October 9, 2022


BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, “Whenever the Awami League came to power, the people of the Hindu community of the country suffered the most torture. The biggest proof of this is the ban on the idols of the Hindu community on Vijaya Dashami in Dakshin Keraniganj. After that, a general diary was made against BNP National Executive Committee member and South Keraniganj President Advocate Nipun Roy Chowdhury by making false allegations.

He said these things at the press conference held at the BNP central office in Nayapaltan on Sunday to protest this incident.

Describing the incident, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, “Last Wednesday night after the Durga Puja, the local Awami Leaguers had an argument with the RAB members due to a trivial incident during the immersion of the idol in the Buriganga river. Awami cadres blocked the incident and said that they will not allow the idol to be sacrificed unless the RAB members apologize. They blocked the roads for hours and created fear and obstruction in the religious observance of Hindus.’

He said, “I strongly condemn and protest against the general diary that Jahangir Shah Khushi, chairman of Aganagar Union Parishad of upazila and Awami League leader, made a false complaint against Nipun Roy Chowdhury at the Dakshin Keraniganj police station last Thursday evening.

Nipun Roy Chowdhury said, ‘There was a directive to abandon the goddess by 8 pm all over the country. But in Dakshin Keraniganj, even at 10:30 pm, the goddess was not sacrificed. A RAB official in white clothes had an argument and scuffle with local Aganagar UP chairman Jahangir Shah. At one stage, the UP chairman gathered his party members and said, “The goddess will not be allowed to surrender until the dispute is resolved.” After that, I asked for the cooperation of the administration and called for the abandonment of the idol.

Criticizing the government at that time, BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Rizvi said, “For the past 14 years, the government of the night has been clinging to power by abducting democracy-loving people, attacking and torturing them and shooting people at meetings and gatherings of opposition parties.” Before the 2014 national elections, Awami League announced 154 MPs without voting to form the government. In continuation of the farce in the name of election, Awami League illegally formed the night government on the night before the national election on December 30, 2018, i.e. on December 29 in the wee hours of the day. And while continuing to exist illegally, disappearances, crossfire and revenge cases have been used as the main tools to suppress the opposition.

In the press conference, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, ‘New orders are being issued to stop the publication of truth. Under the Digital Security Act, 29 institutions of the state, including the offices of the President and Prime Minister, have been declared critical information infrastructures to hide corruption. This circular has been issued only to create opportunities for corruption.

Referring to BTV, the only state television channel of Bangladesh, he said, “180-220 crores are spent on this television channel every year, but the income is less than 80-100 crores. The channel’s annual loss is more than 100 crore rupees.

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