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Two rickshaw drivers were beaten up for not collecting patients at the diagnostic center

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Update : Saturday, October 8, 2022

Photo-Injured rickshaw driver, Fazal Mia.
Staff Reporter, Habiganj/

It has been alleged that most of the diagnostic centers in the district headquarters of Habiganj are running a thriving brokerage business in the name of medical services. These so-called broker-centered hospitals and diagnostic centers are scattered at all levels from cities to villages. Their institutions often lack patients due to lack of quality doctors. As a result they are forcing many rickshaw drivers to collect patients as part of various irregularities. But if a rickshaw driver does not agree to their words, a problem occurs. They are shown fear. Sometimes they are beaten.

It has been alleged that two rickshaw drivers were beaten up and injured because a man named Rahul, employed by a doctor at the National Diagnostic Center in the staff quarter area of ​​the city, did not deliver the patient as he said. Injured rickshaw drivers said that Rahul did not just beat them. They also vandalized their mobile phones. Along with that, if they do not listen to him, they will not be allowed to drive rickshaws in the city.

Injured rickshaw driver Fazal Mia (56), son of dead Lal Mohammad, a resident of Poil village, a victim of Mardhor, said that he has been making a living by driving rickshaws for a long time. For several days, the doctor of the diagnostic center. A man named Rahul employed by Himadri Shekhar Debnath Sani was pressuring them to supply patients. Rahul beat him yesterday around 11 o’clock for not collecting patients as he said. Ahad Mia (45), a resident of Shaistaganj, was also beaten up. They were treated locally for their injuries. They said that they will take legal recourse in this regard.

Allegedly, these diagnostic centers collect extra money from patients in the name of services including tests. Besides, these institutions give fake reports including x-rays in exchange of money. Most of these medical centers are dependent on brokers. Brokers sit in Upat to take simple patients from villages to their institutions. Later, additional money was collected from them in the name of treatment.

The investigation also revealed that most of the clinics and diagnostic centers in Habiganj city are running in various irregularities. Disregarding the government regulations, it is growing like a frog umbrella everywhere. Most of the diagnostic centers established in this way do not have the approval of any health department. By simply applying online for approval, an organization continues to operate hospitals, clinics and diagnostic businesses with long-standing power implications without doing anything. Allegations of business, fraud and suffering of patients are frequently raised in the name of treatment in these unlicensed clinics and diagnostic centers. The victims demanded action against them.

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