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Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physics

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Update : Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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In 2022, three scientists from France, America and Austria received the Nobel Prize in Physics. They are Alla Aspect, John F Closer and Anton Zelinger.

The Royal Swedish Academy announced the names of this year’s Nobel laureates at a ceremony in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, on Tuesday (04 October) Bangladesh time.

The three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2022 for ‘experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of the Bell inequality and playing a pioneering role in quantum science’. They conducted ground-breaking experiments using discrete quantum states, where two subatomic particles behave as a single unit even when separated.

Using groundbreaking experiments, the three demonstrated the ability to probe and control subatomic particles while trapped. What happens to one particle in the entangled subatomic pair determines what happens to the other, even though they are actually too far apart to affect each other. The experimental tools they developed ushered in a new era in quantum technology.

The head of the Nobel Committee, Thomas Perlman, announced this good news to this year’s Nobel winners. Prior to this announcement nothing was known about the nominees-institutions or the shortlist for the Nobel in Physics. As always all documents are kept strictly confidential and kept out of public view.

He received his PhD from Paris-Sud University, France in 1983. He is currently a professor at Université Paris-Saclay and Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France.

John F. Clauser was born in 1942 in Pasadena, USA. He received his PhD in 1969 from Columbia University, New York, USA. Currently, he is working as a researcher at JF Clauser & Associates, USA.

Anton Zellinger was born in 1945 in Ried im Increis, Austria. He received his PhD in 1971 from the University of Vienna, Austria. He is currently teaching at the University of Vienna, Austria.

Earlier on Monday, Swedish geneticist Sante Pabo received the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology. He was awarded the prize for his research on the genomes of extinct hominins and the evolution of mankind.

Last year, Japanese-born US physicist Shukuro Manabe, German physicist Klaus Hasselmann and Italian physicist Giorgio Parisi received the Nobel Prize in Physics last year. In the previous year, 3 people received the Nobel Prize in Physics. They are Roger Penrose of UK, Reinhard Genzel of Germany and Andrea Ghej of Jakarta.

Every year those who have made special contribution in these 6 subjects – peace, literature, physics, chemistry, medicine and economics; The prize was awarded by the Swedish-based Nobel Foundation. After awarding the prize, the Nobel Committee organizes a celebration to celebrate it. The Nobel Committee is headquartered in Norway.

In the 19th century, Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel invented the highly destructive explosive called dynamite; Which makes him the owner of huge amount of wealth. Before his death, he left 3.1 million kroner, which is equivalent to about 1.8 billion kroner in today’s market. The Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature and Peace were established in 1901 with the money earned by Alfred Nobel. Economy was added to this list in 1968.

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