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Anarchy is going on in Sylhet in the name of car rental, the administration wants intervention

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Update : Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sylhet Representative/

Anarchy is going on in the name of car rental in Sylhet city. The transport workers are collecting arbitrary fares from the passengers by showing thumbs up to the administration. Sylhet City Corporation officials are also silent. Passengers traveling in transport have suffered greatly due to this. However, the passengers under Sylhet City Corporation suffered the most. City corporation authorities are failing to monitor rent rolls.

It can be seen on the surface, despite the fixed fare of the government or transport, a group of rogue transport drivers are collecting extra fare leaving the passengers in trouble. This anarchy is taking its toll. Gas powered autorickshaw (CNG) fourstroke drivers are not behind like other modes of transport. They are charging double rent. The rent of 5 taka is 10 taka, twenty to forty. That too after carrying 5 passengers in the name of three passengers. Although it has already been said to carry 3 passengers. Even the fare list is fixed accordingly. But who listens to whom? The same situation prevails with Laguna, Hyundai Deluxe. Although these transports are not suitable for movement in Sylhet city-metropolis and there are some constraints. Generally these transports are responsible for creating traffic jams. From Bandar Bazar in the metropolis to every important point area, gas powered auto rickshaws (CNG) Fourstroke and Laguna drivers are sitting on their knees. The administration is nothing to them. Soon they called various activities including road blockades. On the contrary, they claim that the administration is extorting money.

It is alleged that some leaders of other cooperative organizations of transport give shelter to these anarchists in any movement to make their pockets heavier. A part of it also goes into their pockets. Also this cycle is used as a partner alliance of the transport movement. This is the problem. Besides, these gas powered autorickshaws lack sufficient safety. There is no meter for collecting rent, there is no fenced grid. In this situation, their silent anarchy is going on. The helpless passengers have to bear the burden of this. Conscious citizens have sought the intervention of the higher authority of the administration to get rid of this.

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