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The father admitted the responsibility of killing the baby girl while framing others

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Update : Monday, October 3, 2022

Kulaura / Moulvibazar / Representative /

In Kulaura Upazila of Moulvibazar, the girl’s father, Digind Nam, killed his 12-year-old disabled daughter Popi Sarkar by pulling a veil around her neck to blame the murder on Prakibeshi. In this incident, the killer’s father, Digind, gave a statement in the Maulvibazar court under Section 164 of the Criminal Code, admitting the responsibility of killing the girl.

On Sunday (October 2), Kulaura Thana Police gave a pre-briefing and informed that at 10 am on September 27, at Sultanpur village of Prithimpasha Union of Kulaura Upazila, the dead body of one Kamal Master, Digind Nam, and his disabled daughter Popi Sarkar (12) were found next to the house of Digind Nam. The tree is found in gardens with a veil around its neck. On receiving the information of this incident, the Kulaura Police Station went to the spot and made a report on the condition of the dead body of the disabled Popi Sarkar, recovered the body and sent it to Moulvibazar Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. Later in this incident the father of the deceased Popi Sarkar himself became the plaintiff and filed a murder case against 2/3 unknown people including Surman Mia and Kajal Mia, neighbors of the same village. After the filing of the case, a team of Kulaura Thana Police headed by Police Inspector (Investigation) Md. Aminul Islam and investigating officer SI Md. Harunur Rashid entered the field to unravel the mystery of the case. During the investigation of the case, at one stage, the investigative team recovered a packet of biscuits called ‘Manjil Maya Salt’ hanging on the balcony in front of the window on the south side of the deceased Popi Sarkar’s house. Later, on the basis of the biscuit packet, the police went to a nearby grocery store and found a few packets of biscuits. When the owner of that shop was questioned, he said that the day before the incident, Digind Naam, father of the deceased Popi Sarkar, bought a Manjil Maya salt biscuit worth 10 taka, a minute card of 10 taka and a few cigarettes from his grocery shop. Based on this information, the police initially brought his father Girind Nam as a suspect in the murder of Popi Sarkar. Later, police arrested the girl’s father Digind Nam in the incident. Digindi No. admitted to the purchase of biscuits during police interrogation. In extensive interrogation by the police, Digindi confessed to killing her daughter to frame her opponent. On September 27 around 4 pm, when his daughter Popi Sarkar suffered from epilepsy, he strangled her by putting a veil around her neck. Later the body was dumped under the tree garden on the south side of his house. After the incident Digind Naam came back to his room and slept. The next day, the owner of the house, Kamal Master and local UP members, informed the people of the neighborhood that the body of his daughter Popi Sarkar was found in the tree garden in the morning with the intention of framing the murder of his neighbors Surman Mia and Kajal Ali due to a previous dispute.

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