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Putin brought the bill of inclusion of four regions of Ukraine to the parliament

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Update : Monday, October 3, 2022

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President Vladimir Putin has sent a bill to the Duma, the lower house of the country’s parliament, to approve the agreement on the annexation of four regions of Ukraine to the Russian mainland.

If the deal is approved by the lower house, the final process for the four regions of Ukraine to formally join Russia will be completed. Khabar Tas and Anadolu.

Putin presented the agreement to the State Duma on Sunday. It will be reviewed in the Duma on Monday and sent to the upper house Federation Council for review on Tuesday.

Last Friday, President Putin signed a decree unifying four regions of Ukraine as part of Russia.

Prior to this, referendums were held in these regions in which the people of those regions voted to join Russia. But Ukraine and its Western allies called the referendum a sham. Western countries say that Russia has forcibly occupied these areas.

Yesterday, the 9 member countries of the US-led NATO alliance said that they did not recognize this referendum and never will.

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