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Lutfur Uzzal elected as the Donor Member of Vaggyakul-Kadukhola High School

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Update : Monday, October 3, 2022

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Lutfur Rahman (Uzzal),founder of online daily CHT and Director (Management and Communication) of Bandarban Boxing Club,Has been selected as a donor member of Vaggyakul- Kadukhola High School,An educational institution that spreads the light of education in remote rural towns.He was elected a donor member by consensus of the management committee of the educational institution.

After being elected as a donor member,he paid a courtesy call to the Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP).On Sunday (October 2) during a courtesy meeting at the residence of Minister Bir Bahadur,former Upozila Chairman of Bandarban Sadar Abdul kuddus was present At This Time.

This Time,Minister Bir Bahadur Vaggyakul- Kadukhola High School gave important directions with the goal of making it a quality modern educational institution.He emphasized on ensuring the quality of education.He also said that all kinds of cooperation will continue in the future as in the past.

Abdul Kuddus,founder president of Bhaggyakul-Kadukhola High School and former Sadar Upazila Chairman of Bandarban,confirmed the matter and said that a new management committee of Bhagyakul-Kadukhola High School has been formed with 11 people.A youth-oriented committee has been formed with the aim of modernizing and beautifying the educational program of the school.

Abdul Kuddus chairman also said, On behalf of the management committee of the school,I would like to thank the Minister for Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP),Because he has always supported the educational program of this educational institution.He always cooperated in any adverse situation.A few days ago,he was gave a donation of one lakh Tk to the educational institution at a critical time.

Not only this,He has also built the two-storeyed building of the educational institution.Due to which the teaching activities of hundreds of students have become easier.

Meanwhile,The newly elected donor member Lutfur Rahman (Uzzal) said,My only goal and objective is to play a role in advancing the education program of this educational institution with creative activities.

My aim is to ensure quality education management.I sincerely thank the management committee for selecting me as a donor member of the school management committee.I seek cooperation To All Of You.

At the same time I would like to express my gratitude to Hon’ble Minister Bir Bahadur for running the school well for providing important guidance and advice during A Long Courtesy interview.

According to the related sources,UP member Rafiqul Islam of Kadukhola 3rd Ward has been elected as Education Enthusiast Member,Dudu Mia and Jamal Hoh member as parent member,Ariful Islam as education representative,Abu Sufian,Md.Harun and Young Ring Mro have been elected as members.The head teacher of the school Md.Abdur Rahman will manage the official activities as the member secretary of the management committee.

Incidentally,As the school has no financial fund of its own,the president,former upazila chairman Abdul Kuddus,bought the 69th century in the name of the educational institution for about three and a half taka with his own funding.

He bought this place with the aim of fulfilling the conditions Of teaching and joining the MPO.He is also trying to increase all facilities including manpower to advance the education program.

He is also trying to increase all facilities including manpower to advance the education program.Currently more than two hundred students are studying in this educational institution.

As the people of the area are poor and low-income,Most of the students are studying without pay, which is why many times the teachers struggle to pay their salaries and allowances.Still,The school management committee is working to advance the education program with the cooperation of all.

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