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58 killed in political violence this year: Ask

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Update : Friday, September 30, 2022

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In the 9 months from January to September of this year, 58 people were killed and about 5,400 people were injured in 387 incidents of political conflict and violence in the country.

This information was revealed in the statistical report of the human rights situation of the last 9 months published by human rights organization Ain O Salish Kendra (ASAK) on Friday.

Analyzing the data of political violence in the first 9 months of the year, ASK said that violence has occurred in almost all the 64 districts of the country due to political reasons including local elections. Out of this, the highest number of incidents of violence occurred in Comilla.

256 people have been injured including 2 deaths in 25 incidents of violence in Comilla district in the last 9 months. 6 people were killed and 302 injured in 23 incidents in Chittagong.
According to the report, in recent months there have been incidents of clashes with law and order forces centered on the program of the opposition political party, and attacks by the leaders and activists of the ruling political party on the program of the opposition political party.

Apart from this, the organization mentioned that there have been incidents of human rights violations including deaths in the custody of law and order forces, abductions and mysterious disappearances, torture of minority communities, torture of minorities, harassment through digital security law, torture and killings at the border.

ASK said based on the information published in the media that 15 people have been killed by law and order forces in the last 9 months. Out of them 9 were killed by police and 5 by RAB and 1 by DB police.

According to ASK, among the dead, 3 people died in gunfight, 7 people died of physical abuse, 1 person died of cardiac arrest, 3 people died due to illness. Besides, there was also a case of custodial suicide.

Besides, according to family and eyewitness complaints, 4 people have been reported to have been abducted by plainclothes law enforcement personnel. One of them returned and one was shown arrested. 2 people are still missing. But the law enforcement agencies have denied these allegations.

In the first nine months of this year, 8 business establishments including 4 houses of the Hindu community were attacked.

In the last 9 months, 179 journalists have faced torture, harassment, threats, lawsuits and obstacles in their professional work. At least 66 journalists have been attacked while performing their professional duties. A journalist was shot dead in Comilla by miscreants.

54 people died in prison custody in 9 months. Among them 20 prisoners and 34 prisoners.

A total of 28 people were killed in the last 9 months of lynching. Among them, 15 people were killed in Dhaka division.

209 men and women have been victims of sexual violence in the last 9 months. Among them, 136 women and 73 men were attacked. 120 people were assaulted by the miscreants, 74 people were injured in the conflict with the miscreants. 7 women committed suicide due to sexual harassment.

A total of 734 women were raped at the same time. 34 women were killed after rape. Besides, 128 women were victims of attempted rape.

During this period, a total of 367 women were victims of family violence. 228 of them were killed. 67 women committed suicide due to family violence. Besides, 72 women were physically abused.

Besides this year, a total of 148 women have been subjected to torture due to dowry. 69 people were physically tortured and killed for dowry and 6 women committed suicide due to dowry torture. 62 of them were victims of physical abuse.

During this period, a total of 19 domestic workers were subjected to various forms of torture. 10 of them died. Apart from this, a total of 11 women were victims of acid attack. 3 of them died.

Besides, analyzing the rape data from January to September of this year, it can be seen that almost all the districts of the country have been raped. The most cases of rape occurred in Dhaka 64 and Narayanganj 59.

In addition, a total of 1 thousand 278 children have been victims of torture and murder in different parts of the country in the last 9 months. Among them, 240 children were murdered, 44 children committed suicide, and a total of 91 children’s bodies were recovered at different times.

Analyzing the data from January to September, 54 children were killed in Dhaka, 24 in Narayanganj, 21 in Gazipur, 16 in Comilla and 15 in Chittagong.

12 Bangladeshi citizens were killed in BSF firing, torture and chase at the border. Besides, 7 people were injured and 8 people were abducted.

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