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Prevalence of eye diseases, drops and increase in the price of sunglasses

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Update : Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj Representative/

Outbreak of eye disease is seen across Habiganj district. The disease is caused by viruses and bacteria. Often wakes up with a feeling of something in the eye, itching and burning. Again, everything is blurry, water falls, dirt accumulates in the corners of the eyes. If a person is like this, he is said to be suffering from eye disease. Doctors say puffy eyes are a common problem at this time of the year. This time also outbreak of the disease has occurred in different areas of Habiganj. Overcrowding in eye hospitals and pharmacies has increased. However, on this occasion, a class of businessmen have increased the price of eye drops and sunglasses.

On the surface, it has been seen that two to three times the price of each pair of sunglasses is being kept. As a result, many people are in trouble. Ophthalmologists say, ‘eyes rise is a normal thing. It used to be more common in children, but now occurs in all ages. The population has grown, along with the workforce. Hence the number of people exposed to dust also increased. But there is nothing to worry about this disease. After taking first aid from home for a few days, it will be fine.

The doctors also said – ‘This disease can be caused by two reasons: virus and bacteria. Those who have burning eyes with dirt, then it is a bacterial infection. This is called bacterial conjunctivitis. And only viral infection causes the eyes to become irritated and red. In this case, you can’t touch your eyes. It is better to avoid food that causes allergies.

A medical officer said, ‘Since the disease is contagious, it is better to stay in isolation as much as possible. People are told to stay away as it is contagious and spread through the air. Must wear sunglasses. In case of itching, the patient can take cold and allergy medicines. There are some eye drops, doctors recommend them. However, many people touch their eyes repeatedly or itch. It can cause eye damage. But there is no reason to fear. It usually gets better in 3 to 4 days.’

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