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Bangladesh media is enjoying full freedom: Prime Minister

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Update : Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Claiming that the media of Bangladesh is enjoying complete freedom, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that during her government, the developing media of Bangladesh is enjoying the freedom to say (publish) whatever it wants.

The Prime Minister visiting the United States said these things in an interview given to the Bengali section of Voice of America. This interview of the Prime Minister was broadcasted on Tuesday (September 27) local time.

In response to a question about the digital security law and its impact on media freedom, Sheikh Hasina said, after saying everything, if someone says that he is unable to speak or is not allowed to speak, then what is left to say? I really want to know.

Stating that before he came to power in 1996, there were few TV channels and radio stations and they were controlled by the government, the Prime Minister said, “After we (Awami League) came to power, we also opened up the private sector to run the media independently. Now 32 of the 44 licensed private TV channels in the country are on air.

Stating that there was no freedom of expression or assembly in the country during the military regime, the Prime Minister said that people are now participating in these television talk shows and speaking freely. Whether true or false, they are able to criticize the government.

In response to a question about the Rohingya, Sheikh Hasina said, due to the suffering the world has suffered due to the corona epidemic, the Russia-Ukraine war and various sanctions, the Rohingya have become a burden for Bangladesh and it is not possible for us to take even one more person from Myanmar. The Rohingyas who are there must be repatriated.

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