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Farmers of Rupsha are weaving dreams in colorful watermelons

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Update : Sunday, September 25, 2022

Tarun Chakkroborty Bishnu, Khulna: Summer watermelon plantation is increasing day by day in Khulna’s Rupsha during the off season. Due to the huge profit in watermelon cultivation in the past year, the interest in watermelon cultivation has increased among all categories of farmers. Watermelon is a seasonal fruit. Generally available in the market from February to May. That watermelon is no longer a seasonal fruit. Watermelon is now available in the market throughout the year. As the supply of watermelons in the market is relatively low during the off-season, the farmers get an opportunity to sell at a higher price.
In the different villages of Rupsha upazila, most of the farmers used to cultivate different types of vegetables including cucumber, gourd, dhundal, ucche, bitter gourd during summer. But they never get a fair price. In 2020, during the Corona period, the Agriculture Office for the first time provided free seeds, fertilizers and other inputs and provided training to farmers. As a result, off-season watermelon cultivation was successful for the first time that year and the farmers were encouraged to grow watermelon due to the fair price. As a result, offseason watermelon planting and production is increasing every year. Many farmers have become self-sufficient by cultivating colorful watermelons.
Hafiz Sheikh, a farmer of Zabusa village, said that he cultivated watermelons for the first time this year after receiving training from the climate adaptation project of Khulna agricultural region through climate smart technology under the inspiration of the agriculture office. Seeds, fertilizers and other inputs have been received from the project. Spring-colored watermelons are hanging in the loft of his watermelon field. He has already sold about 50 kg of watermelons. With the quantity of watermelons in his field, he is optimistic that he will be able to sell watermelons worth around Tk 50 thousand.
Liton, a farmer of Navandiya village, said that last year, due to good yield and profit, I have planted watermelon this year also in the off-season. Hope to get bumper yield.
Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Himadri Biswas said, We regularly visit the watermelon fields and give advice. Hopefully the farmer brothers will benefit greatly.
Everywhere in the upazila, spring-colored watermelons are hanging on the roofs. Each watermelon weighs between 2 and 4 kg depending on the variety. After 40 days of sowing, the flowers begin to bear fruit. And after 30-35 days of fruiting, the fruit matures. Watermelons of Tupti, Yellow Dragon, Rangdhanu, Rangela, Black Baby, Sweet Dragon Pakija varieties are cultivated here.
This watermelon is now available in the market. 80-100 taka per kg of watermelon is being sold in the retail market.
In this regard, Upazila Agriculture Officer Krishibid. Fariduzzaman said, it is a safe and tasty watermelon. Many first time farmers were not interested. Due to the profit, the plantation has increased to about 100 bighas. Farmers are turning to off-season watermelon cultivation as it is more profitable than other vegetables. The colorful off-season watermelons are showing farmers’ dreams of self-sufficiency.

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