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It does not suit Sheikh Hasina’s mouth: Fakhrul

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Update : Saturday, September 24, 2022


BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that 42 percent of people in the country are below the poverty line. And the Awami League is becoming the owner of billions of rupees. This situation must end. The youth should end this situation. Today the youth should wake up, the people of Bangladesh should wake up.

He said these things at the prize distribution ceremony of BNP Independence Golden Jubilee Essay Competition at National Press Club on Saturday afternoon. Independence Golden Jubilee Essay Competition Committee organizes this event.

He said, today the blood of Shaon, Abdur Rahim Noor Alam cannot be allowed to go in vain. Want to show true respect and love to their blood. Then this terrible monster government should be resisted and the people’s government should be established.

When democracy usurpers talk about democracy, expect nothing but shame. Sheikh Hasina is talking big in the United States today that she doesn’t want war, she doesn’t want sanctions. No one wants war, no one wants sanctions. But it doesn’t suit his face. He himself is involved in murder in this country.

BNP Secretary General said, more than six hundred of our people have gone missing. From Ilyas Ali, Chowdhury Alam to numerous boys of our Chhatra Dal. All these boys have left the mother’s lap. Mother does not know, father does not know, where they are. Today they have crippled hundreds of people by taking them to the police station. They killed thousands of people. Extra judicial killing. Because of this today the elite force RAB who have earned the reputation of the country in the fight against crime. They have been banned for obeying the unjust orders of this government. The government has no problem with the ban on seven officials. They are the ones who dictate, they need the ban to come first. The ban has already been given by the people. People have said you are no longer needed.

Fakhrul said development will never be sustainable if there is no democracy. And democracy will never work if there is no counterparty system, and people can’t vote.

Criticizing Awami League, he said, there is no person in Bangladesh except one person. Even then it started but could not. Then it started again now. One man’s rule, one man’s doctrine, one man’s all. But they don’t last. This kind of authoritarianism, this kind of fascism is never an address. Doing wrong, torture; If there is no love, if there is no love, can someone be eternal?

BNP standing committee member Dr. Khandkar Mosharraf Hossain said that in the 50 years of independence, Bangladesh has played a significant role in various activities and development activities. Especially in the last 14 years, those in government are distorting the history of the liberation war. In 50 years of Bangladesh, they are trying to rewrite the history by distorting it only for their own interests.

He said, we know history is written by historians and historians. Besides, no one can create history. They may write periodicals. In view of this, we decided to hand over the history of the liberation war and the history of 50 years of Bangladesh to everyone.

Earlier, prizes were distributed among the winners of the Golden Jubilee Essay Competition.

Independence Golden Jubilee Essay Competition Committee under the chairmanship of convener Professor Yusuf Haider and member secretary Professor Dr. ABM Obaidul Islam was present at this time- Former Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University AFM Yusuf Haider, Adviser to BNP Chairperson Abdus Salam and Chhatra Dal General Secretary Saif were present at this time. Mahmud Jewel and others.

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