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Allegation of embezzlement of tea workers’ money against UP member in Srimangal

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Update : Thursday, September 22, 2022


A UP member and his son have been accused of extorting money from workers for distribution of one-time cash assistance cards under the government’s social security scheme for improving the quality of life of tea workers.

On Thursday (September 22) around 7:30 am, the aggrieved tea workers gathered at the Nat Mandir of Khaichra tea garden in Kalighat UP, Srimangal Upazila of Moulvibazar and held a protest rally accusing UP member Dayal Bunarjee and his son Moni Shankar Bunerjee of taking extra money.

Accused Dayal Bunarjee is UP member of Ward No. 7 of Kalighat Union.

Some tea workers in the rally said, “Dyal member’s son told us that he gave ID card for money.” You got money from the government, 5 thousand taka. Now pay 300 taka, I am giving the card. Then we say that where to get 300 taka. Then the member’s son says, if you don’t pay, you will go to the member. Let’s take another 300 rupees. Later after paying 300 rupees they gave us the card. If you don’t pay money, they won’t give you the card, so I took the card by paying 300 taka.’

Pusp Das Panika, President of Khaichra Cha Bagan Panchayat Committee, said in the gathering, “The chairman has sent the card to the member after receiving the card from the social service two days ago. The chairman tells the member that you will distribute the card to the panchayat president and sardar. But Member Dayal Bunerjee did not tell us. Later in the evening, the member found me on the street and told me that the workers’ cards of 5000 rupees are coming from the government, and I am distributing them. But after the distribution, I came to know that Monishankar Bunarjee, son of Dayal member, is taking extra money of 300 rupees from the workers with the card. Take the card and give the money, if you don’t give the money, I won’t give the card. I want to understand the reason why he is taking 300 rupees before getting 5 thousand rupees?

When asked about the complaint of taking money, UP member Dayal Bunarjee said, “I called all the boys and asked why they took the money, then they said they took it for the temple.” There is no reason to take money by card. I will sit with the garden supervisor and the panchayat committee, and find a proper solution to the money that the boys have withdrawn.’
In this regard, Upazila Executive Officer Ali Rajib Mahmud Mithun said, ‘This money is being given as a gift to improve the quality of life of tea workers. This 5 thousand rupees is huge money for tea workers. If money is taken for the card in the distribution of this money, strictest legal action will be taken against them after confirming the truth of this incident.

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