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2 wives face off in Sylhet over the property of the deceased husband

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Update : Thursday, September 22, 2022

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Abdus Chattar is a resident of Mendibag area of ​​Sylhet city and a well-known person. He has assets worth crores of rupees including the market ‘Chhattar Mansion’ in Mendibagh.

Leaving behind his first wife Sabiha Khatun and two children, Abdus Chattar left for the UK.

The first wife did not find out about her husband from the UK, the two children did not find out about their father. In his lonely life due to negligence, he took Tahmina Begum as his second wife on July 16, 2010. He has a son and a daughter.

Tahmina was supported by the second wife in her last years. He died on May 26 this year. Before he died, he wrote the property in the name of his second wife’s son. Amjad Hossain and Arman Hossain, the two children of the first wife came to the country two days after the death of the father. The first wife Sabiha Khatun also returned to the country after a month and a half of her husband’s death. But before his death, he wrote it in the name of his second wife’s child, so they fell into trouble. After coming to the country, Sabiha Khatun and her sons tried to take possession of the wealth. Press conference by slandering Tahmina Begum. As it did not work, he started threatening.

Helpless Tahmina Begum also filed a general diary at Sylhet Kotwali Police Station for the sake of security.

Finally, Tahmina Begum held a press conference on Wednesday (September 21). He highlighted the insecurity of himself and his children and doubts about taking life. He accused Satin and his sons of extortion and death threats. In this incident, he also said to make a general diary at the police station seeking legal assistance.

Tahmina Begum complained that her husband transferred the ‘Chhattar Mansion’ in the name of the minor child without registration. But her husband’s first wife Sabiha Khatun and two sons are telling lies besides giving threats. Due to which he is living in insecurity along with two children. Satin’s children are denying her as a stepmother and presenting bizarre, fictitious and defamatory statements.

He also said that due to family turmoil, he married Abdus Chattar on July 16, 2010 under Muslim Shariah law. She has two children named Afsana Akhtar Masia and Azhar Hossain. On April 6, 2022, after her husband Abdus Chhattar became terminally ill, she transferred her eponymous Chhattar mansion to her minor son Azhar Hossain in a registered deed.

He was succeeded as the maintainer and controller of the market on behalf of the minor children. About 2 crore rupees were spent to treat her husband abroad when he was ill.

He died on May 26, 2022 while undergoing treatment. But his first wife Sabiha Khatun and child Amjad Hossain and other children did not stand by his side during his great calamity. He did not cooperate in any way. Now they started quarreling and fighting over property.

Tahmina Begum said her husband has several assets. It has not yet been shared. Even if it is a second wife, she and her children get her share according to law. But I am not demanding it. Rather, they want to seize the wealth given to his child. They are not even listening to any of the representatives of the area, relatives. Denying his married life, they are making various ugly comments in the media. Conspiring to force her out of her husband’s house. In this regard, Tahmina sought the cooperation of everyone including the administration.

Local councilor Mostak Ahmad, relative Akhtar Hossain, Abdul Hannan Sharif, Kabir Ahmad Dulal, Qais Ahmad and neighbor Syed Nuruzzaman were present in the press conference.

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