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The public is terrified of the extortion and threats of the Mog army: Bhdc Chairman Kyaw Shwe Hla

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Update : Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Lutfur Rahman (Uzzal): Common people are terrified because of Mog forces.There is unrest in the area due to their extortion and threats.Armed terrorist groups stationed in a government school and district town pose a threat to the security of the district town.Me,my family and party (Awami League) are suffering because of JSS’s false propaganda about Mog Forces.

Chairman of Bandarban Hill District Council and District Awami League President Kyaw Shwe Hla said these things at a press conference held at the Bandarban Hill District Parishad office on Tuesday (20th September).

He expressed concern about the location of terrorists in the district city and said,if the security system of Bandarban district city is not fixed now, then what will happen to its security in the future? Where do ordinary people go? What will happen to their safety?

He also said that when there are so many security forces in the district town, how can terrorists enter a government primary school with so many weapons.It is a difficult matter.”Now you say what else is there for the security of Bandarban” he said to the journalists.

In the news conference,The headmaster of the primary school where the armed terrorists took a position, Tingmayyi Marma, said that there were 20 to 25 people, most of them had heavy weapons and bags.We are truly horrified to see terrorists entering and staying in a government school.Which was never seen before in Bandarban city.

Bandarban Press Club president Aminul Islam Baccu and journalists from print and electronic media were present at the press conference.

It should be noted that at noon on Sunday, September 18, at least 25 terrorists of the Mog Forces,armed with heavy weapons, took a position in Para government primary school in Bandarban municipal area and left at night.Earlier,They fired at Kalaghata in the city,The incident scared the residents of the district town.As a result,The locals also raised questions about the security of the district town.


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