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PSG’s ‘priceless gem’ is now Neymar

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Update : Sunday, September 18, 2022

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It is said that a friend in bad times is a true friend. But has PSG been a true friend of Neymar? Since last season, French dailies have covered negative news about Neymar. The club bosses themselves were unhappy with Neymar due to off-field and off-field controversies.

When the Ligue 1 club renewed Kylian Mbappe’s contract, then the buzz took off. Kylian also did not want Neymar, even as a condition for extending his contract with PSG. It also affects the field. Two people not passing the ball, no face-to-face in the warm-up, then a penalty fight. These also gave that impression.

At that time, starting from the owner of PSG, Khelaifi, everyone had their mouths shut. Now that Neymar is in form, scoring goals regularly, the team is winning, PSG’s sporting director Campos said that everything that has been said is a lie. Mbappe has never said Neymar was dropped. And they didn’t want to sell Neymar either. These news were fabricated.

But Khelaifi was asked in an interview, do you want to sell Neymar? He turned back and forth and answered, ‘I can sell anyone. It is difficult to say here. It is clear what was in his mind then. But when Neymar returned to form, he suddenly said that he was the duck that laid their golden eggs!

In an interview given to RMC Sports last Friday, PSG’s sporting director said, “PSG did not have a plan to sell Neymar. Neymar is a very good player, he practices regularly. Never miss a practice. He is associated with the team and the club’s plans.

It seems that Campos gave this answer in the interview by memorizing the script. Then, in response to the question of whether Mbappé wanted to share Neymar, this manager said, ‘No such decision has been made. All three of them are important to our team. Messi tried to adapt last time, Kylian did great, Neymar struggled with injuries. They are well in our team’s plan.

Why not stay? All three are playing great this time. The French club is running on them. Neymar has scored 11 goals in 10 matches in the current season. Along with seven assists.

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