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Rice market is hot again

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Update : Saturday, September 17, 2022

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The rice market has become hot again. Over the course of a week, the wholesale price of rice per bag (50 kg) has increased by at least Tk 100. As a result of this, rice is being sold at an additional rate of Tk 2 to 3 per kg. Apart from this, the prices of daily products including eggs, chicken, vegetables, pulses are also high. In such a situation of the market, a lot of helpless lower-middle class and middle class people.

Recently, the government has withdrawn the import duty on rice to control the unstable market. After that, the price of fuel oil has also been reduced. However, instead of decreasing, the price of rice is increasing. Traders say that India has imposed tariffs on rice exports. There is a fear that the import of rice will decrease. Due to this, the market of the country has started to be affected.

At Pahartali wholesale rice market, rice has increased by Tk 100 per bag, Miniket 3 thousand 500, BR-28 variety rice 2 thousand 700, Swarna 2 thousand 600, Nazir Shail 3 thousand 700, Payjam 2 thousand 700 and Mota Atap 2 thousand are being sold. Meanwhile, in the retail market, coarse rice (Swarna and Lata) has increased by Tk 3 to Tk 54 to Tk 55, BR-28 variety rice has increased by Tk 2 to Tk 55 to Tk 60 and thin rice (miniket) is being sold at Tk 74 to Tk 77 per kg. Moreover, Nazirshail is being sold at the price of 70 to 80 taka, increased by 3 taka per kg.

Nizam Uddin, general secretary of Pahartali Merchants Association, said that the rice market had started to decrease for the last two weeks due to various initiatives of the government. But when India imposed a 20 percent duty on rice exports, the millers increased the price of all types of rice by Tk 100 per bag. We have to buy and sell rice at that extra price. Therefore, the price of rice in the wholesale market has increased again. This has also affected the retail market.

Meanwhile, the price of dozen of eggs and chicken has increased by Tk 10 per kg. Apart from this, the price of vegetables and fish also does not match relief. The price of fish is also skyrocketing. On Friday, Bahaddarhat Bazar and Chowk Bazar of the city were visited. Vegetables are not available below Tk 50-60 in the markets. Round eggplant 80, long eggplant 60, hybrid cucumber 80, kankrol 70, rinds, chichinga and cabbage 50, bean-tomato 120, kachurmukhi 50, barbati 70 taka, potal 40, gourd 60, rice pumpkin 40 taka were sold in the market. Beans and tomatoes were sold at Tk 120 and small size cauliflower at Tk 40 to Tk 50.

Besides, large size hilsa was sold at 1 thousand 200 taka, medium size hilsa at 700 to 800 taka, small size hilsa at 550 to 600 taka yesterday. Rui fish 320 per kg, Pabda fish 500 taka, Tilapia 160, Horn fish 350, Pangash fish 160, Kai fish were sold at the price of 200 to 250 taka per kg. Broiler chicken sold at 170 rupees. Golden chicken was sold at Tk 320 and native chicken at Tk 500.

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