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“Ignoring fear, people will bring down the current government”

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Update : Saturday, September 17, 2022

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BNP Standing Committee Member Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury said that the people will bring down the current government by ignoring fear.

He said, ‘Awami League has only one weapon in its hands – that is to hold power by showing fear. BNP leaders and activists are now beyond fear. They don’t care about life. They are not afraid of death. Bullets, sticks, weapons will move forward. I went down the street, the decision will be on the streets. Either I will give my life, or if I live I will leave the country free. I will not return home until the fall of this government.

He said these things in a rally in front of the Kazi community of Dholaikhal in the capital on Friday afternoon.

The rally was held in protest of ‘unprecedented load-shedding of electricity, increase in prices of daily commodities including fuel oil, increase in public transport fare and killing of three leaders in Bhola and Narayanganj’ under the joint initiative of BNP in Sutrapur, Gendaria, Wari, Kotyali and Banshal police stations of Dhaka metropolitan south.

Amir Khosru said, ‘police behavior is a violation of international law. So don’t be saved by running away. You will be tried for human rights violations. Awami police still have time, otherwise they will be tried in the international court. Foreigners need not worry. They know about Bangladesh. There is no human rights, no freedom of speech, no right to vote in this country. It is now clear as day to the people of the world.

He said, ‘Today the people of Bangladesh have woken up. They have vowed to overthrow this usurping, dictatorial and illegal unelected government. Let the bullets come, let the sticks come, no one will turn back. I will move forward. The soul of Bangladesh has been sold. That Bangladesh should be brought back through a fair vote under a neutral government.

This member of the BNP Standing Committee also said, ‘There is extreme corruption in this country. There is no such thing as human rights, there is no such thing as electoral system. There is no rule of law, there is no security for the people. These things have become clear all over the world. That is why the ban has been given. The European Union also spoke on Thursday protesting the police attack.

Dhaka Metropolitan South BNP Member Engineer Ishraq Hossain also spoke in the rally – BNP Standing Committee Member Selima Rahman, Chairperson Adviser and Dhaka Metropolitan South Convenor Abdus Salam, Chairperson Adviser and Dhaka Metropolitan North Convenor Aman Ullah Aman, Organizing Secretary Advocate Abdus Salam Azad, Syed Imran Saleh Prince, Gazipur District BNP President Fazlul Haque Milan, Dhaka Metropolitan South Member Secretary Rafiqul Alam Majnu, North Member Secretary Aminul Haque and others.

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