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Entrepreneurship Journey of Era’s ‘Kathpokaa’

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Update : Saturday, September 17, 2022

Risat Rahman, Jagannath University Correspondent: Besides study, Sumiya Era has spent more than three years of entrepreneurial life. However, the journey of her entrepreneurial life did not begin with the thought of becoming an entrepreneur. But this latent desire to do something on her initiative was always in her mind. Artwork and crafting have been her passion since childhood. Era’s journey of entrepreneurial life came from thinking that she will bear her expenses after starting campus life.

Since then Era’s small online page “Kathpokaa” ( started in April 2019. Where she worked with hand-painted jewelry made of wood. Also works with more handpainted pendants, rings, key rings, tips, bracelets, and other accessories. She started shopping for pages’ raw materials with only 1500 taka of her capital. Era’s mother and friend Dipu from the department always gave support even though her family did not give much support. Gradually everyone in the family started giving support.

Talking about the beginning, Era said, I designed something myself by picking up colors, which is a little different from the traditional style. Within a few moments, orders for that product started coming. I got a lot of responses from friends, seniors, and acquaintances on campus about the work. Everyone’s enthusiasm increased my interest in work since then I didn’t have to stop.

Although there was a slight decline due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, she started working with new enthusiasm. Also, Kathpokaa participated in fairs for the first time at ‘Chaitali Mela’ organized by Charukala at Dhanmondi Midas Center and ‘Summer Fest’ organized by We Can. The offline exhibition also received a phenomenal response from clients. This doubles her confidence in her work.
When asked how satisfied she is with his entrepreneurial life, Era said, “I am truly satisfied.” Working with new designs every day, turning ideas into reality through work, packaging, and delivering things to the hands of clients with care, while doing these tasks, affection has fallen on the job. There is a desire to hire more staff in the future and give Kathpokaa an outlet of its own.

Many people have an idea about entrepreneurs that they don’t work with limited hours like employees, they work with personal freedom. Although this is true, Era thinks that if the initiative is to be successful, double the effort and time must be given behind it. Which has no binding rules or time.
Era believes that one can go far with that work if one works with her favorite place. This student who is studying honors in the English Language department under the Institute of Modern Languages, Jagannath University expressed the opinion that if you work with joy, everything becomes easier, and it does not cause boredom.

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