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In Habiganj, under the identity of the source, the housewives were tortured and detained

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Update : Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Staff Reporter, Habiganj/

A source named Sheikh Mohammad Zaheed (25) has been arrested by the police in Mahmudabad of Habiganj city on the charge of torturing an in-law housewife. On Tuesday evening, a group of police from Sadar police station arrested him from Shaistanagar Hightower area after carrying out a raid. In this incident, Sathi Akhter, wife of TomTom driver Rubel Mia of Mahmubad area, filed a case at Sadar police station as plaintiff. He is said to be a resident of the same area.

Several people including Zaheed Mia, Iqbal Mia, Mamun Mia have been deceiving the common people by pretending to be police sources. Last Monday morning Source Sheikh Md Zaheed, another young man along with Shipon went to Rubel’s house and started looking for him and there is an arrest warrant in Rubel’s name. Rubel’s wife says that he is not at home. When they wanted to forcefully enter the house, the in-laws Akter stopped them. At one point they beat and injured him. At that time, when Rubel came, he was also beaten. Sources fled when people came forward. Not only that, the day before, Zaheed went to pick up Rubel from home. At this time, his wife Sathi bought Rubel with 5 thousand rupees. A few days ago, 3 people named Kawshar Ahmed, Mamun Mia and Jasim Ahmed were arrested in the rape and drug case. In this incident, commotion has started everywhere. According to the victims, if the police administration does not take immediate action against the sources, the image of the police will be damaged. The injured husband and wife have been treated at Sadar Hospital.

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