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Child stolen from Srimangal recovered from Kaliganj, detained 2

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Update : Wednesday, September 14, 2022


A three-month-old baby of a beggar mother was stolen from Kalighat road in Srimangal town area of ​​Moulvibazar district. Later, beggar Kohinur Begum, the mother of the stolen child, filed a written complaint at the Srimangal police station. After that Srimangal Thana police went to the field to rescue the child. At one point on Tuesday (September 13) two members of the child thieves gang were arrested by Kaliganj police station of Jhenaidah district. At that time Srimangal police station rescued the child and arrested two members of the gang from Kaliganj and brought them to the police station.

The house of arrested thief Shimul Hossain (27) and his wife Yasmin Begum (24) is in Shahpur village of Kaliganj police station of Jhenaidah district.

According to the police, on Saturday afternoon on September 10, a beggar from Kalighat Road area of ​​Srimangal Paur town of Moulvibazar escaped with the three-month-old baby from the lap of Kohinur Begum in the name of caressing it. The child’s mother begged with her husband Shahid Ali. He lives in the rented house of Shahena Akhtar on Srimangal Kalighat Road. When the child was stolen, he filed a written complaint against Shimul Hossain and his wife Yasmin at Srimangal police station. Taking the complaint into consideration, the police station rescued the child two days later with the help of Kaliganj police station. Shimul Hossain and his wife Yasmin Begum, involved in child theft, have been sent to Moulvibazar court after their arrest.

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