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Bandarban Deputy Commissioner’s unique initiative: The people of the hilly areas are going to get Machang houses from the shelter project

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Update : Monday, September 12, 2022

Lutfur Rahman (Uzzal): Taking into account the uniqueness and tradition of the Hills,The landless and homeless hill families of the three hill districts are getting houses modeled after the well-known Machang Ghar of the local population from the shelter project.
Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban Yasmin Parvin Tibriji has sent a letter to the concerned project director drawing attention to the construction of Machang house under the shelter project.Later its feasibility was verified by the project office.
In The continuation,A design project of Machang Ghar (House) was sent to the office and it was included in the shelter project of the Prime Minister’s Office.
After completing all the official activities, instructions were given to the Bandarban district administration to construct Machang house under the shelter project.
Machang houses used for living by the local hill people have a nationwide recognition.
If such machang houses are provided from the shelter project then the hill people will have the opportunity to live in machang houses of their traditional culture.Based on such thoughts,The Deputy Commissioner Yasmin Parvin Tibriji sent a letter to the Shelter Project concerned.
In addition,the Deputy Commissioner presented the matter of construction of Machang Ghar by highlighting the issue of living life of the hill people to the officials concerned about the implementation of a mega project of the government like the shelter project.
As a part of this,An information meeting was also held on the approved Design,Estimation and Specification of Machang shelters for the hilly areas in the 4th phase as part of the program to provide land and houses to the landless and homeless families under Asharyan-2 project.
From this meeting held at the District Commissioner’s Conference Room,Deputy Commissioner Yasmin Parvin Tibriji expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Honorable Prime Minister for approving Machang Ghar considering the culture,tradition and culture of the hill community.
Meanwhile,District Policy Forum President Aungcha Mong Marma thinks that the construction of houses under the shelter project on the model of Machang House is a positive decision.He said,in this the people of the tribal community will have the opportunity to live in their well-known traditional houses.
Kuhlaong Union Parishad Chairman Mongpru Marma said,this is a very happy news. Realizing the diversity of the lives of the people of the hills,thanking the decision of the District Commissioner will be less, but in one word,Gratitude the Deputy Commissioner for taking such a decision.
In this regard,Recently departed Revenue Deputy Collector Md.Kayesur Rahman said,Only the respected Deputy Commissioner drew the attention of the project director of the shelter project of the Prime Minister’s Office taking into consideration the uniqueness and tradition of the hill.
That is why the landless and homeless mountain families of the three hill areas are going to get this Machang-shaped house.The only claimant to this achievement is the unique And Respected Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban Hill District Yasmin Parvin Tibriji.

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