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Izhyum, which was occupied by Russia, was recovered by the Ukrainian forces’ counterattack

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Update : Sunday, September 11, 2022

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The city of Izhyum in the Kharkiv province of Ukraine has been lost to Russia.

The rapid fall of the northeastern city is seen as the biggest blow to Moscow. News from Reuters and Jerusalem Post.

A “retaliation” by Ukrainian forces has finally forced Russia to retreat from one of the main frontlines of the more than six-month war.

They had to give up their strongest stronghold in northeastern Ukraine, Izhyum.

Saturday’s rapid fall of the city of Izhyum in Kharkiv province was seen as Moscow’s biggest defeat since it was forced to withdraw from the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, in March.

Thousands of Russian soldiers left behind huge amounts of weapons, ammunition and equipment as they fled.

Ukraine is calling its troop advance in the northeastern region a “turning point” in the war.

Russian forces used Ezium as a logistics base for their Donbass campaign.

The head of the Russian administration in Kharkiv called on residents to leave the province for Russia to “save their lives”.

Western intelligence agencies say the victory will boost Ukraine’s enthusiasm. The country was determined to demonstrate to Western countries that it was capable of delivering its weapons and that it deserved the continued support it received.

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