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Govt engaged in false propaganda against BNP: Rizvi

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Update : Sunday, September 11, 2022

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Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, senior joint general secretary of BNP, complained, “The present oppressive government is constantly slandering the senior leaders of the party, including me, by opening various channels on YouTube and through social media. Apart from this, different types of fake phone conversations and stories are being made and propagated through different social media channels by copying voices through the use of different software – which has no qualms about authenticity.

He made these allegations in a press conference at Nayapaltan office of BNP on Sunday afternoon.

Rizvi said, “The government has hired five lakh online activists to spread propaganda against BNP, which has been published in various media. They are always indulging in false propaganda against BNP. False, fictitious stories are constantly being made against us and cut pieces are being released through social media.

He said, ‘Police is once again playing a cruel new game to suppress the peaceful movement of BNP. The constitutional rights of the political parties are being attacked and killed by shooting the leaders and activists, now the eyes of the BNP leaders and activists are being blinded and crippled by the firing of short guns.

This spokesperson of BNP said, “Chatra Dal leader Nure Alam and Svechsevak Dal leader Abdur Rahim, Jubo Dal worker in Narayanganj were shot dead by the police during the peaceful march of BNP in Bhola. Shawn killed the chief. At the same time, in those places including Netrakona, Sirajganj, Bogra, Barguna, Barisal, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Jhalkathi, the police shot the bodies and faces of the Chhatra Dal, Youth Dal workers along with the BNP leaders and workers. They are on the brink of life and death in different hospitals. Many have already lost their eyes, lost their legs, lost their hands or are crying in hospital beds with numerous bullets in their bodies.

Rizvi said, “After the murders and extrajudicial killings, the government has chosen a new cruel torture method of paralyzing the activists with shotguns.” It has adopted a new method of oppression by using the police. This is another new formula for human rights violations. I strongly condemn and protest these retaliatory acts of brutality and call upon the law enforcement agencies to immediately withdraw from such deadly programs.”

He said, “By killing the democracy of Bangladesh and selling the independence and sovereignty of the country, the government which survived with the help of foreigners has become reckless by alienating the people.” Now they are spending hundreds of crores of rupees and are continuing to spread unbridled lies through various media including YouTube, social media. But people cannot be misled by this lie. Because the people of the country are fed up with the terrible misrule of the government. The people of the country are not able to eat for two meals. People’s lives are no longer going on because of the unlimited increase in commodity prices and the increase in all the costs of living.’

He also said, “Lakhs of crores of rupees have been looted from the country and the economy has been destroyed. Subsidies looted in the name of mega projects and quick rentals have now fallen on the shoulders of common people. Due to oil-gas-power crisis, the normal life of people including agriculture has become miserable. Today people have no right to vote, no right to speak, no right to get justice. False cases and swords of torture in the name of telling the truth. False cases and arrests in the name of BNP and opposition party leaders are going on all over the country. In this situation, the government has indulged in various propaganda in the name of top leaders of BNP to divert people’s attention.

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