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3 years imprisonment for obstructing media persons from gathering news

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Update : Sunday, September 11, 2022

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Election Commissioner Brigadier General (retd) Ahsan Habib Khan has said that the People’s Representation Order-RPO is being amended by providing a maximum 3-year jail-fine for preventing the media workers from fulfilling their duties in gathering news during the election. At that time, he said, a proposal has been sent to the government to amend the RPO, recommending the addition of special provisions for the safety of media workers.

He confirmed this information while talking to reporters at his office in the election building in Agargaon on Sunday (September 11).

Stating that the current EC has sent proposals to the Ministry of Law to change several laws, Ahsan Habib Khan addressed the media workers and said, “Since you are our eyes and ears.” Instead of us, you cover the news correctly from Hajir (polling station). Keeping in mind your safety, we have made a new addition to the law. That is, if someone obstructs you in the performance of your duties, if someone harasses you and tries to damage your equipment and companions, then minimum 1 year and maximum 3 years of jail has been kept. In addition, fines have also been kept.

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