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Ukrainian fighters have entered the city of Kupyansk

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Update : Saturday, September 10, 2022

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Ukrainian fighters have entered the strategic city of Kupyansk, which is occupied by Russia. The city has been occupied by Russian forces for the past few months.

Kiev claims that Ukrainian troops have made remarkable progress in eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian special forces claim that their military officers are entering Kupyansk on Saturday. It has always been and always will be Ukraine’s. “Kupyansk is from Ukraine,” a regional official said, publishing photos of about 27,000 soldiers in the city.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said in a statement on social media that troops are advancing in eastern Ukraine. More towns and villages have been liberated by the enemy. Success is coming because of Western military support.

Meanwhile, last week, Ukraine claimed to de-occupy more than 1,000 square kilometers in the southern and eastern regions.

The country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, said that Ukrainian troops have retaken control of more than 30 areas of the Kharkiv region.

In a speech from Kyiv, Zelensky said his forces were “gradually taking control of new settlements” and “returning the flag of Ukraine and the protection of our people.”

A top official commanding Russian forces in the Kharkiv region also said Ukrainian forces had scored a “significant victory”.

UK defense officials said Russia was taken by surprise by the recapture of Ukrainian cities.
In a daily briefing, they said Kiev’s forces had advanced 50 kilometers (31 miles) into territory previously controlled by Russia.

They claim the attack has left thousands of Moscow troops “increasingly isolated” near the city of Izium.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Friday that the number of troops is being increased to strengthen the Kharkiv region.

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