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Controversy over the death of the old man at the arbitration meeting in Baniachang

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Update : Saturday, September 10, 2022


A man named Newaz Ali (55) died in an arbitration meeting in Barakandi village of Makrampur union of Baniachong upazila. However, conflicting statements have been found on this. Some say that he died of a stroke, while others say that he died of injuries sustained during a fight. Controversy has been created about the matter. He is the son of deceased Mannar Ali of that village.

It is reported that the dispute between Yusuf Ali and Zahoor Ali on various issues was arbitrated on Saturday afternoon. At this time there was tension between both sides. At one point, a scuffle took place. When Newaz Ali became unconscious, he was rescued and taken to Habiganj Sadar Hospital, where the doctor declared him dead. But some say that Nawaz Ali died of injuries due to a fight, while others say that he died of a stroke. There have been conflicting statements about this. But 3rd party people are trying to take advantage of the issue.

In this regard, the doctor of Sadar Hospital said that the bod date in the emergency register means that the patient died on the street before arriving. Ajay Chandra Dev, OC of Baniachong police station, said that when tension arose in the arbitration, both sides clashed. After that, Nawaz Ali died on being brought to the hospital. The police prepared a surathal report and sent it to the morgue. However, no injury marks were found on the body. The cause of death will be known after the post-mortem report.

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