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CEC does not think that there will be a political crisis over EVMs

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Update : Wednesday, September 7, 2022

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Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal does not think that there will be a political crisis over Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). The CEC made the comments in response to questions from reporters in response to the statement of 39 citizens at its office in the election building on Wednesday (September 7).

CEC said that if the decision is made through political compromise, all the votes will be on the ballot, there will be no political crisis with the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). The crisis is not about EVMs, it is a bigger crisis. If the decision is made by political consensus, all votes will be on the ballot.

In this regard, he further said, there may be a political crisis – I don’t know that. If there is any political crisis regarding EVM, measures should be taken to deal with it. We do not see any crisis with EVMs.

39 citizens of the country made a statement on Tuesday urging not to use EVMs in the upcoming national elections. They termed EC’s decision to use EVMs in maximum 150 seats as unreasonable.

The statement said, “Without political consensus, the Election Commission has decided to use EVMs to take votes in a maximum of 150 seats in the upcoming National Assembly elections.”

The Chief Election Commissioner said that the crisis we are seeing in the political sphere is not about EVMs, but a bigger crisis. We hope and pray that these crises will pass. If the decision is made through political consensus, all votes will be on ballot, 100% consensus, what’s the problem. Then we will decide, when all the parties are coming to the polls, then it is a good initiative.

About EVM, CEC said, what is needed for us is not whether I voted in EVM or not. Whether the election was correct, free and uninterrupted. Be it in EVMs or ballots, it is a big thing. So the big crisis is not there, you know it too; If that crisis is resolved, the election will come out nicely.

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