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The secretary has been working in the same union for 30 years

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Update : Monday, September 5, 2022


Mizanur Rahman Khokon, Secretary of Pakshi Union of Ishwardi Upazila of Pabna, has been working in the same union for 30 years.

But there is a government job rule – transfer every three years. Because if government employees work for a long time in the same station, nepotism and regionalism appear along with the loss of neutrality. But Pakshi UP secretary has been working in the same union since the date of his joining for mysterious reasons.

There are 74 secretaries in 74 unions in Pabna district. None of them had served at the same station for so long.

It is known that Mizanur Rahman is the president of Pabna Union Parishad Secretary Association. He is working in the same station under the name of president.

Earlier in 2016, the then Deputy Commissioner Rekha Rani Balo transferred 50 people including him as per government instructions. He filed a writ petition in the High Court Division of the Supreme Court seeking a stay order against the District Commissioner’s order. The order of the District Commissioner was stayed due to the writ.

Later in 2018, the writ was dismissed. Still, why he is not being transferred is a mystery. Many have commented that the environment of the area is being damaged along with the reputation of the district administration.

When asked about this from Mizanur Rahman Khokon, he admitted that he has been in the Pakshi Union Parishad since the beginning of his service and said that no one wants to come here. Work pressure is high. As a result I live. I have three more years of service.

When asked about this, Pabna Deputy Commissioner Biswas Russell Hossain said, I cannot say anything without seeing the file.

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