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In Srimangal Aman paddy attacked by majra beetle, farmers worried

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Update : Monday, September 5, 2022


In Srimangal Upazila of Moulvibazar, aman rice has been attacked at a large rate by the majra pest. Farmers are not getting any benefit from spraying pesticides. As a result, the farmers of the upazila are in trouble with the rice due to the attack of insects in addition to the fear about the good yield of Aman rice. Agriculture officials in these areas are advising farmers to spray pesticides on rice plants.

According to upazila agriculture sources, the target of Aman paddy has been set on 15 thousand 336 hectares of land in the upazila this year. Already saplings have been planted in 11 thousand 257 hectares of land. An estimated 15 hectares of planted Aman rice seedlings have been damaged due to the attack of Majra borer.

Meanwhile, farmers say that there is doubt whether the cost of production will increase due to the increase in the price of urea fertilizer and diesel and the cost of accessories in the current Amon season. Square farmers are in more trouble. If the price of paddy does not increase in the current Aman season, the farmers will face losses.
Farmers also said that after planting, the color of the paddy seedlings turns black, and various insects attack them and cut the rice mines. Farmers are now using different types of pesticides to protect their crops.

Upazila’s Sadar Union, Sindurkhan Union, Ashidron Union, it can be seen on the surface, Aman rice plants have been attacked by maggots. Insects are cutting the rice mines and the leaves are drying and turning brown. Farmers use different types of pesticides to protect rice from insects, but there is no cure.

Ruman Mia, farmer of Khoshbas village of Ashidron Union, said, I have cultivated Aman paddy for about 10 years. All my fields are attacked by maggots. Insects cannot be controlled even by spraying different types of insecticides. In the current Amon season, the price of fertilizer and diesel oil increases and the cost of Amon paddy to cotton at home with ancillary costs will be 6 to 7 thousand taka.
Md. Abdul Jalil, a farmer of West Ashidron village, said, I cultivate Aman paddy on 4 kiara of land. My land is heavily infested with maggots. I am not getting results by applying different types of pesticides from the pesticide shop.
Md. Mustafa Mia, a farmer of Khareura village of Sadar Union of the upazila, said, I cultivate aman on 2 kiara of land. All my land is infested with maggots. There is no cure by applying pesticides to the land
Abdul Hai, a farmer of Sindurkhan Union, said, “I have 3 acres of Aman rice that has been attacked by insects.” Insects suddenly attack and destroy crops. Now spray insecticides to protect crops from insect attacks.

Nilufa Yasmin Monalisha Sweety, Agriculture Officer, said that this year, the attack of maggots is more than other years. If all the farmers weed their cultivated fields in one season, our friend the phechkunda bird might eat an insect, regardless of whether the field borer is present. Then 250 centipedes can save our land from the lava. Pesticides applied by the farmers on the ground, so that the leaves of the rice plants get wet at the roots, should be kept in mind to prevent the attack of the caterpillars.

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