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Awami League is trying to make the police force against the people: Qayyum Chowdhury

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Update : Saturday, September 3, 2022

Press Release-

Sylhet district BNP president Abdul Qayyum Chowdhury said that the police should be friends of the people, not opponents. But unfortunately, the police are being used to stop the mob movement by shooting like birds and killing the common people. The incident in Narayanganj is not new, they have done the same thing in Bhola before. Awami League today is trying to make the police force an opponent of the people.

He said these things in the president’s speech at the protest rally organized by the district BNP at the southern end of Queen Bridge in Sylhet city as part of the central program of BNP to protest against the killing of Juba Dal leader Shaon by the police during the BNP program in Narayanganj at around 3:30 pm on Saturday.

Earlier, a protest march started from Markaz Point in South Surma and ended at the rally ground.

Qayyum Chowdhury also said, ‘We are not against the police force, we are not against any force. My tax money pays their salaries, their families run, their sons and daughters learn to read and write, their wives and children are clothed. Are we going to accept that they shoot and kill our people?’

He said, the movement cannot be stopped by shooting and intimidation. The power of the crowd is overwhelming. Mass tide has been created in the movement. Inshallah, the murderous government will be swept away by this mass tide. Those who took a blood bath on the day of the foundation anniversary of BNP, will be judged.

Sylhet District BNP President Abdul Qayyum Chowdhury and Dakshin Surma Upazila BNP General Secretary Kohinur Ahmad moderated the protest rally. Sylhet District BNP General Secretary Advocate Emran Ahmad Chowdhury, Dakshin Surma Upazila BNP President Haji Md Shahab Uddin, District BNP Organizing Secretary Shamim Ahmad, Dzt. BNP leader Falakuzzaman Chowdhury Jaglu, Sadar Upazila BNP president Abul Kashem.

Sylhet District BNP General Secretary Advocate Emran Ahmed Chowdhury said, “We never want to make the police an opponent. Please don’t be against the people. The United States has banned RAB, an organization. Do you want this kind of censure on the police, do you want the people of Bangladesh to issue censure on you?’

Advocate Hasan Patwari Ripon, Mahbubul Haque Chowdhury, Tajrul Islam Tajul, Azizur Rahman Aziz, Kamal Hasan Jewel, Lokman Ahmad, Haji Dinar, Fazle Rabbi Ahsan, Yusuf Ali, Ajmal Ali, Mostafa Kamal, Akhtar Hossain Raju, Advocate Mostak were present. , Arjun Ghosh, Mahbub Alam, Abdul Hai Masuk, Dr. Enamul Haque, A: Munim Chail, Ashraful Alam Bahar, Abdul Malik Mallick, Haji Md. Gulzar, Monirul Islam Turan, Aminur Rahman Chowdhury Sifta, Suhail Ibn Raza, Mainul Islam Manju, Obaidur Rahman Fahmi, Delwar Hossain Nadeem, Mubarak Hossain, Harunur Rashid, Gholam Quddus Kamrul, Suleman Siddiqui, Tawfiq Md Uzael Suhail, Faizur Rahman Bilal, Babar Ahmad Roni, Maqsudul Karim Nuhel, Shah Abdul Mukit, Sadek Ahmed, Shamim Ahmad, Abdul Majid, Haji Pabel Rahman, Azhar Ali Anik, Delwar Hossain, Sonahar Ali Suhail, Mizanur Rahman, Nurul Amin, Abdul Monim, Anwarul Islam, Al Mamun, Raihanul Haque, Shamimur Rahman Shamim, Oliur Rahman Oli, Shah Tipu Sultan, Asad Mia Rookon, A : Shahid Hiron, Md Ashiq, Maulana Zillur Rahman, Ashraf Uddin Alim, Zainal Abedin, Shafi Ka Mia, Shafi Ahmad Khan, Abu Saleh, Jewel Ahmad, Raj Khan Iman, Nashim Ahmed, Russell Ahmad, Akhtar Hossain etc.

District BNP Doa Mahfil-

Meanwhile, Sylhet district BNP organized a doa mahfil on the occasion of the 15th release day of acting chairman of BNP Tariq Rahman.

This doa mahfil was organized for the well-being of BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia and Acting Chairman Tariq Rahman at the Dargah premises of Hazrat Shah Jalal (RA) after Maghrib on Saturday.

District BNP leaders Advocate Hasan Ahmad Patwari Ripon, Shamim Ahmad, Mahbubul Haque Chowdhury, Abul Kasem, Azizur Rahman Aziz, Jasim Uddin, Tajrul Islam Tajul, Shakeel Murshed, Advocate Al Islam Mumin, Advocate Abu Taher Chowdhury, Advocate Mostaq Ahmad were present. , Advocate Obaidur Rahman Fahmi, Farid Uddin, Badshah Ahmad, Lokman Ahmad, Ahad Chowdhury Shamim, Akhtar Hussain Raju, Arjun Ghosh, Jalal Khan, Mahbub Alam, Shamchur Rahman Shamim, Sumel Ahmad Chowdhury, Shaheen Alam Joy, Kamrul Islam, Maqsood Ahmad, Fazle Rabbi Ahsan, Delwar Hussain Nadeem, Harunur Rashid, Azhar Ali Anik, Afzal Hussain, Shimul Ahmad, Kamran Ahmad, Khairul Ahmad, Harunur Rashid, Rezaul Islam Sumon, Obaidur Rahman Abid, Ashiqur Rahman Tarek and others.

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