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After a long time, the fish will be cooked in the tea worker Anjana’s house

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Update : Friday, September 2, 2022

M.Muslim Chowdhury, Srimangal/Moulvibazar/Representative/

After a long time Mala fish will be cooked in the tea worker Anjana’s house. Anjana bought fish worth 20 rupees from the market. 6 members of the family will eat that fish. After 19 consecutive days of tea workers’ wage hike movement, the daily wage of tea workers was increased from Tk 120 to Tk 170 with the intervention of the Prime Minister. After that, the tea workers joined the work by withdrawing the 19-day strike. As a result of the long agitation, the workers were completely destitute. Now workers are back to work in every garden. Activity is returning to Bagangrolo. On Wednesday, after receiving the weekly summons, the workers started to market for the household from the local weekly market.

On Wednesday afternoon, going to the weekly bazaar at Kharyanura tea garden, the tea workers of Kharyanura tea garden were seen doing their own shopping. In this, it is seen that Anjana Bhuiyan, an old woman tea worker of the tea garden, bought 20 rupees worth of mala fish (locally called makha fish) from the tea garden’s weekly market. Anjana said that her family could not eat fish for a long time due to the strike. After receiving a weekly summons, his daughter, a gardener, sent 20 taka to the market to buy fish. Mala bought a small fish with the money given by his daughter. Anjana said that 6 members of the family will eat this 20 taka fish. Many unknown people have come to the market, some are buying small fish for 20 or 50 rupees to give the family members a taste of non-vegetarian food. Anjana said that one of her daughters works in the garden and because their income is low, she bought 20 rupees from her weekly allowance. This fish will be eaten by 6 family members including grandchildren.

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