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Countrymen are now deeply worried about the extreme deterioration of the law and order situation: Fakhrul

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Update : Tuesday, August 30, 2022

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BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, “In order to cover up the unprecedented failure of the government in running the country and divert people’s attention, the lives and property, houses and businesses of BNP and opposition party leaders and activists are being attacked.”

He said these things in a statement today, strongly condemning and protesting the attack on the house of BNP Standing Committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy in Dakshin Keraniganj.

Mirza Fakhrul mentioned in the statement that a group of armed terrorists led by local Awami League leader and Upazila Chairman Shaheen carried out a barbaric attack at quarter past eight on Monday night. Expressing deep concern over the extreme deterioration of the law and order situation in this incident, the BNP Secretary General said, ‘The Awami League government has started violent attacks and attacks on all levels of leaders and activists including senior leaders across the country as they are now realizing their downfall. Awami miscreants attacked Gayeshwar Chandra Roy’s house to suppress his voice because he was fearless in speaking the truth. He is a victim of political vengeance of the government. Due to the extreme deterioration of the law and order situation, the countrymen are now passing their days in deep fear.

Mirza Fakhrul said, “Operation and persecution of BNP and opposition party leaders in the country has reached unlimited levels under the control of government party terrorists. Bloody attacks are being carried out on the property, houses and business establishments of BNP and opposition party leaders to cover up the unprecedented failure of the state. Town after town of the country, including cities and villages, bloodshed is now going on. The main goal of Awami politics is to attack the most popular political party of the country – BNP leaders and workers by creating terror and forcefully holding the state power.

BNP Secretary General said, “This government is working on a mission to wipe out BNP, and as part of that mission, the house of BNP National Standing Committee member Gayeshwa Chandra Roy was attacked and vandalized extensively.” This government has nothing else to do but shed blood. Because they have billed the whole country. To maintain their illegal power, they have de-democratized the country, and are therefore implementing a program to eliminate the opposition from the country. The purpose of the attack on the opposition party leaders and workers is to create fear in the society, so that no one dares to speak two words against the government.

He said, Awami League is using the ruling party terrorists and law enforcement forces like executioners against BNP. However, it is no longer possible to stay in power by creating fear by attacking and causing bloodshed. The people will no longer sit back, will resist with collective strength the continued bloodshed program against misrule.’

Mirza Fakhrul demanded the immediate arrest and exemplary punishment of the identified terrorists who attacked the residence of Gayeshwar Chandra Roy.

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