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Two pilots fight in mid-air, both fired

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Update : Monday, August 29, 2022

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Air France pilot and co-pilot involved in a fight in the cockpit of the plane in mid-air. As a result, both of them have been suspended.

The incident happened on a flight from Geneva to Paris last June.

According to Swiss La Tribune daily, the plane’s pilot and co-pilot got into an argument shortly after takeoff. At one point they grabbed each other’s shirt collars and started fighting.

The cabin crew finally intervened to stop the fight. But to avoid any further trouble, a cabin crew remained in the cockpit with the pilots for the rest of the journey.

An Air France official said last Sunday (August 18) that the flight reached its destination safely despite the fight between the pilots.

A report by France’s aviation investigation agency BEA said on Wednesday that some Air France pilots lacked rigor in following safety protocols. After the publication of the report, the news of the fight between the pilots came to the fore.

The report focused on fuel leakage on a flight from Congo to Paris in December 2020. Even though the pilots diverted the plane that day, they did not switch off the engine power as per the rules or try to land as soon as possible.

The plane landed safely in neighboring Chad. However, the BEA report mentioned that it could have caught fire at any time.

Source: Khabar Al Jazeera

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