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Who is the murderer of Afia of Baluchar, Munni or Niaz of Habiganj?

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Update : Saturday, August 27, 2022

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Law enforcement forces have arrested a woman and a man in connection with the murder of a housewife named Afia Begum Samiha (31) in Sonar Bangla residential area of ​​North Baluchar in Sylhet city. Mocha, a resident of Baniachang in Habiganj. A woman named Majeda Khatun Munni (29) was arrested by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)-9. They say that woman killed Afia.

On the other hand, the police arrested Ismail Niaz Khan, the alleged husband of the murdered Afia. After the arrest, the police applied to remand him for 5 days. Later the court granted 4 days remand. The police claim that he has a hand in the murder of his alleged wife Afia. A lot of unknown information will be found on remand inquiry.

On Tuesday (August 24) around 12:30 p.m., the police recovered the half-melted body of Afia Begum Samiha, a tenant of a unit on the ground floor of a five-storey house named Sekander Mahal (No. 364) in the Sonar Bangla residential area of ​​North Baluchar, Sylhet city. Meanwhile, Afia’s 14-month-old baby girl Nuri was found unconscious next to the dead body.

Afia Begum is the daughter of Azir Uddin of Jangail Tuakul village of Goainghat upazila of Sylhet district. After Afia’s death, a mystery has arisen about it. His family members alleged that it was a murder. And Afia’s husband is involved in this. Afia’s husband’s name is Niaz Uddin. He was in Oman. He recently returned to the country and served jail time after being arrested in a case filed by Afia. He was released from jail on bail 8 days ago. Since then there is no trace of Afia’s husband. Afia’s father’s family members are unable to provide any further information about Nizam. Can’t even say his full address.

According to local and police sources, Afia Begum rented the unit on the ground floor of Sekander Mahal about two years ago. Since then she lived there alone with her baby daughter. Neighbors have not seen Afia since August 18. On Tuesday night, foul smell was emanating from inside his house. Residents of neighboring flats became suspicious and while searching for the source of the stench, they found the door of Afia’s unit locked from outside. Then they informed the police.

On receiving the information, the police went to the spot around 12:30 in the night and broke the door lock and entered the house and found Afia’s body lying on the bed. A strong stench was emanating from the corpse. Afia’s infant daughter Nuri was found unconscious next to the dead body. Then the police saw the child’s breathing and immediately sent him to Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital. The child is now healthy.

Meanwhile, Aafia’s death is shrouded in mystery. His father, brother and elder sister said – their family is poor. Afia was given to work in the home of a woman doctor in Sylhet city several years ago. The woman doctor married Afia to Niaz about 10 years ago. After a few years of marriage, Niaz went abroad. When he returned to the country two years ago, there was a conflict with Afia over various family matters. At that time, there was a trial in this matter at Afia’s father’s house. Later the matter was not resolved and Niaz went back to Oman.

Afia’s father’s family members allege that Niaz has not been providing maintenance to Afia and her children for several years. Afia filed a case against her husband under the Women’s Torture Act. When Niaz returned to the country a few days ago, the police arrested him in this case. Later the court sent him to jail. Niaz got out of jail on bail 8 days ago. Since then he has been missing.

In the case of Afia’s murder, her mother Kutina Begum filed a murder case at Shahparan police station on Wednesday. Unidentified persons are accused in the case. Then on Wednesday (August 24) night, the police arrested Niaz from Baraikandi area of ​​South Surma, Sylhet.

Syed Anisur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Shahparan Police Station, said that Ismail Niaz Khan was brought before the Sylhet Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on Thursday afternoon and asked for a five-day remand. The judge later granted his four-day remand. The accused has been brought to the police station for questioning.

This police officer also said that a woman named Munni is involved in the murder. Who was arrested by RAB. On the day of the incident, he locked the house in Baluchar and ran away. We have confirmed this by watching the CCTV footage. Ismail Niaz Khan has a link with Munni. Hopefully, the mystery of the murder will be revealed in the remand interrogation.

Meanwhile, RAB-9 said in a press briefing on Thursday around 3 pm that Mocha killed Afia. The woman named Majeda Khatun Munni. The murder happened in a dispute over money owed.

RAB-9’s media officer ASP Ahsan-al-Alim said that RAB-9 also started intelligence activities to unravel the mystery after her mother filed a complaint in the case of Afia’s murder. At one stage of the investigation, sensational information was found about Majeda’s involvement in Afia’s murder. Later on the basis of intelligence RAB-9 raided and arrested Munni from his house early on Thursday (August 25). Munni is the daughter of Abdul Gani of Sarangpur village of Baniachong police station in Habiganj district.

According to RAB, after interrogating Majeda, they came to know that she had a dispute with Afia regarding her money transactions. Majeda Sublet lives in Afia’s house. But most days Majeda did not stay at home. Majeda collects money from Afia at various times. At one point Majeda refused to pay Afia the money owed to him. As a result Majeda gets angry with Afia and plans to kill Afia.

Majeda came to Afia’s house two days before the incident (August 18). On the day of the incident (August 20) around 10 pm, Afia and Majeda had an argument over the money owed. Later on August 21, at around 12:00 PM, Majeda suddenly brought a sheel (Potter Sheel) from the kitchen and hit Afia 2 times in a row on the left side of her head.

As a result of the injury, Afia immediately collapsed on the bed. Later, at around 6 o’clock in the morning, Majeda left the house, hired a rickshaw and after locking the door of the house from outside, he took his belongings and Afia’s mobile phone and went to his house in Baniachong. But surprisingly, Afia’s baby girl, who was trapped in the house, survived in this incident. Later he was rescued by the police and taken to the hospital. RAB-9 handed over the arrested Majeda to Shahparan police station.

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