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The names of those involved in the conspiracy to kill Bangabandhu did not appear in the charge sheet: Sh M Rezaul

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Update : Saturday, August 27, 2022

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Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sh M Rezaul Karim said that there should be a full investigation into the killing of Bangabandhu. Be it in the form of a commission or under the Code of Criminal Procedure. If the nature of all those involved in the killing of Bangabandhu is not revealed, the new generation will have to be criminals in the history.

The Minister said these things in his speech as a special guest at the discussion meeting and doa mahfil organized by the Pirojpur District Association, Dhaka in memory of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and all the martyrs of August 15 around the national day of mourning at the Shaheed Shafiur Rahman Auditorium of the Supreme Court Lawyers Association on Saturday.

Stating that there was a fragmented trial of Bangabandhu’s murder, CM Rezaul Karim said that the names of those involved in the conspiracy to kill Bangabandhu did not appear in the charge sheet of the case. Action was not taken against those who failed in the security of Bangabandhu. The beneficiaries of Bangabandhu’s assassination were not prosecuted either. In the context of August 15, 1975, those who did not perform their proper duties are still walking around wearing masks.

He also said that the aim of killing Bangabandhu was to destroy the spirit of the liberation war in Bangladesh. One of the reasons behind the plan to kill Bangabandhu was to avenge the defeat in 1971. One of the reasons for killing Bangabandhu was to keep Bangladesh as an endangered state so that Bangladesh could not raise its head in the world.

Highlighting the serial conspiracy to kill Bangabandhu, the minister said that Ziaur Rahman’s ‘Go Ahead’ gave Bangabandhu’s killers an opportunity to go ahead. He was involved in the politics of the liberation war in Bangladesh and all the activities of killing the hero of the liberation war. Under his leadership, Bangabandhu’s killers were employed in foreign missions, the killers were socially and politically rehabilitated. Later, Ershad gave an opportunity to the murderers to do politics. Khaleda Zia brought them to Parliament. Thus, Ziaur Rahman, Ershad and Khaleda Zia nurtured the murderers of Bangabandhu.

He said, Bangabandhu is a wonderful chapter of our life. Bangabandhu the person became an ideology, a belief, a philosophy. Bangabandhu became an institution as a path for the oppressed and downtrodden people of the world, including the Bengali nation. That is why Bangabandhu’s physical departure does not mean everything is over.

He said that Bangabandhu had passed more than 3500 laws during the government period of three and a half years. There is no place where Bangabandhu cannot be found. Bangabandhu created the sea boundary law, the basis of sea conquest, Bangabandhu created the war criminals law. Bangabandhu initiated the settlement of land boundary disputes. In continuation of that beginning, Bangabandhu’s daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has completed it excellently.

Sh. Rezaul Karim also said that many of those who did not like the birth of Bangladesh mocked the events of Sri Lanka and once said that Bangladesh is becoming Sri Lanka. Some of these ignorant intellectuals and politicians involved in evil deeds cannot take well the development progress of the country, the spirit of the liberation war and the established status quo. They nurtured the pro-Pakistan spirit of 1971.

Amir Hossain Amu, a member of Bangladesh Awami League’s advisory council and 14 party coordinator and spokesperson, spoke as the chief guest in the discussion chaired by acting president of Pirojpur district association Bir Muktijoddha M Shamsul Haque.

Pirojpur-2 Constituency Member of Parliament and former Minister Anwar Hossain Manju and Pirojpur-3 Constituency Member of Parliament Rustam Ali Faraji were also present as special guests in the discussion meeting.

Later, the minister attended the discussion meeting and doa ceremony organized by Nazirpur upazila administration of Pirojpur virtually on the occasion of National Mourning Day and addressed the chief guest.

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