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Tea workers set their sights on public buildings after relaxing the movement

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Update : Saturday, August 27, 2022

M.Mususlim Chowdhury, Srimangal/Moulvibazar/Representative/

The workers of 241 tea gardens of the country have been protesting for 18 consecutive days demanding wage increase. In the meantime, the announcement comes that the Prime Minister is sitting with the Bangladeshi Tea Parliament on the issue of the wages of tea workers at Ganobhaban on Saturday. And after hearing this news, tea workers did not protest in 92 tea gardens of Moulvibazar on Friday. But the strike continues.

Now the eyes of tea workers are towards public buildings. They think that the Prime Minister will bring a benefit for them by discussing with the owners.
In this regard, Anil Tantabai, a member of Ward No. 3 of Srimangal Kalighat Tea Garden, said that we are now looking at the Prime Minister. He said that the Prime Minister knows about our plight. Even today we have not got the land rights of the place where we have been living for 200 years. Not all gardens have schools yet.

Janis, a tea worker at Srimangal Amaril tea garden, said that the Prime Minister is our last hope. We are now looking at the Prime Minister. He said that they believe that the Prime Minister will not disappoint them in Saturday’s meeting.

Bagan panchayat president of Phulchari tea garden of Srimangal Kalapur union Lakshan Bauri said that we are protesting because of our stomach. The current bill, ration, future fund and tea workers union contribution are less than 100 rupees. There are some workers who can pick leaves a little more during the peak season and they get a little more than 100 rupees as overtime. But cash is the only money that needs to be met for daily needs. Boys and girls reading, cotton, fish and vegetables, oil, salt, pulses are all. How is it possible that the tea workers are “salted to bring oil” every day? The family runs in tension.
He said flour is given at Tk 2 per kg, which goes to tea bread in the morning. A family of 4/5 people needs two kg of rice if they cook rice in the afternoon and afternoon. The price of rice leaves the daily attendance. No one knows how the tea workers manage the rest. He said, I am hopeful that our leader will increase our wages and other opportunities in view of the reality.
In this regard, Mohan Ravi Das, who led the tea workers student youth section, said, “Our strike is continuing. Since the Prime Minister will sit on this issue, we will announce the new program on Saturday.

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