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Awami League wants to steal votes through EVM this time: Qayyum Chowdhury

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Update : Saturday, August 27, 2022

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Sylhet District BNP President Abdul Qayyum Chaudhary said that despite the objections of all political parties in the country except Awami League, this Election Commission wants to hold EVMA polls in 150 seats. About this EVM, the country’s famous engineering and technology expert late Prof. Dr. Jamilur Reza Chowdhury said that EVM is a low quality machine. With which there is no system to check the impartiality of voting.

He said that when the people of the country do not get the right to vote with their own hands in the conventional way, how will the voting be ensured through the EVM machine. In the past elections, Awami League was once without a vote, once the day’s vote was robbed at night. This time they want to steal votes through EVM. This commission is in favor of the current government, the election commission is working as a broker of Awami League. Therefore, there will be no fair election in the country under this election commission and the EVM machine of vote robbery. The countrymen will resist this type of machine election.

He said these things in the speech of the chief guest at the rally after the protest march organized by Golapganj upazila and municipal BNP as part of the program announced by the central government on Saturday afternoon.

Under the chairmanship of Upazila BNP President Noman Uddin Murad, General Secretary of Municipal BNP, Councilor Nazrul Islam, was present as the main speaker in the event – General Secretary of Sylhet District BNP, Advocate Emran Ahmed Chowdhury.

In the speech of the main speaker, District BNP General Secretary Advocate Emran Ahmad Chowdhury said, immediately resign by holding elections under a non-partisan neutral government. There have been many one-party elections. The people of this country will not accept anymore. He ruled the country in a one-party manner and looted the people’s money. Now you have to give an account. The voting rights of the people must be returned. The people own this country. Ownership should be returned to the people. The democracy of the country should be brought back. Basic human rights should be established. BNP will be on the streets for people’s rights. Now, one point, one demand, through the resignation of this government, the victory of the people will be confirmed and the BNP will return home.

BNP leader Faisal Ahmed Chowdhury, district BNP organizational secretary Shamim Ahmed, municipal BNP president Mushikur Rahman Muhi, Mahbubul Haque Chowdhury, Kuhinur Ahmad etc. spoke and were present.
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