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35 people including children were ostracized in Naklarabda village, house arrest for 3 days

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Update : Saturday, August 27, 2022

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj/

It has been reported that 35 members of the same family have been evicted from Naklarabda village of No. 11 Makrampur Union of Baniachang Upazila of Habiganj. Even after 3 days, no action is being taken against the socialists. As a result, 30/35 people including children of that family are living an inhumane life of starvation and starvation.

It is known that Akil Hossain, Amir Hossain, Sher Ali, Khaddur Hossain son of deceased Hasan Ali of that village want to occupy some land unfairly by the influential people of the same village. An arbitration meeting was held against them in the village last Wednesday night. The president and village chief Tahir Mia Chowdhury, 2nd Sardar Chalik Mia, Suman Mia, Ful Mia, Muti Mia, Abdul Hai, Harun Mia, Ekram Hossain, Katcham Ali, Kadduch Mia, Mortuz Mia, Daroga Ali and several others were present in the arbitration. According to the decision of the arbitration, the shopkeepers were ordered not to sell to the family, including social exclusion. It was decided that if a shopkeeper sells any item, he will be fined 500 rupees. Apart from this, it was decided that those who will speak will also be fined.

The family has been under house arrest since Wednesday. Their children are unable to leave the house and go to school. Even if any member of that family is sick, it is forbidden to take them for treatment. As of writing this report at 10 pm, it is known that the family is under house arrest. Akil Hossain, a member of that family, said that four village chiefs Ala Uddin, Farid Mia, member Rangela Mia, Arju Mia, Nazrul Mia, Azman Mia, Tahir Ali member, Kadir Mia Sardar, Shahjahan and Farid Mia Sardar have also been informed for this wrongful act. They advised us to go to the law as they could not solve it despite many efforts. But how can we resort to law? We are under house arrest.

In this regard, Baniachong Upazila Nirbahi Officer said, I was not aware of the matter. Action will be taken on an urgent basis with the news.

Makrampur UP Chairman Abdul Ahad said, after calling Mr. UNO, I have instructed some members to look into the matter.

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