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Even if any party participates in the next parliamentary elections, Even if not taken: EC

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Update : Thursday, August 25, 2022

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Electoral Commissioner said that the next National Parliament has decided to take the help of the army in the field of polling. Alamgir. He said that a proposal will be sent to the government.

EC Alamgir said that the army will be engaged in maintaining law and order. Beyond that they cannot see anything else. However, many of them will be in the field as technical assistants of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs).

He also said that the election will be held according to the constitution. Elections will be held even if a party participates, and elections will be held even if no party participates.

EC Alamgir said these things in response to the questions of journalists at his office in Agargaon election building in the capital on Thursday.

He said, “We have decided to take the help of the army in the next general election. I will propose to the government to help the army.

EC Alamgir said, “Since we can ask for the cooperation of any organization of the government. According to the constitution. So if we want the help of the army, the government is obliged to give that help.

Regarding the activities of the army during the elections, the commissioner said, “They have no opportunity to see anything other than law and order in the elections.” Technical members of the army will be assistants as experts where voting will take place in EVMs. Apart from this, they do not have the opportunity to play any other role.

In response to the question if BNP does not come, he said, ‘There are 39 political parties. It has not been said anywhere that the election should be closed if no party comes. Election is mandatory by law. Otherwise, we will act against the constitution. I will be responsible for breaking the constitution. Any political party will be elected. Even if he does not come, the election will be held.

During the national elections, he explained about the discussion of placing four ministries under the EC. Alamgir. He said, “We did not want four ministries. Some political parties had proposed that these ministries be placed under the Election Commission during the election period. We did not agree with that.’

Referring to the different work style of the ministry, this commissioner said, “They have to serve the people on a day-to-day basis.” Their nature of work is same, our nature of work is same. As simply explained, it is not possible in reality.’

Referring to Article 126 of the Constitution, he said, “Since during the election period, if the Election Commission asks for help from all the agencies and ministries of the government, they are bound to help.” Therefore, in the light of the Election Commission Constitution, they must be forced to take their cooperation in all matters related to the election – that is what we have said.

EC Alamgir said about the election roadmap, the draft of the roadmap has been finalised. At present it is with the commission. At the end of this month or at the beginning of next month the matter of the roadmap will be finalized. The roadmap will contain what needs to be done to have a fair election and how to implement them. What challenges will there be? How to deal with it.’

When asked about the minimum number of EVM seats, he said, “We have a capacity of 70 to 80.” If the situation is like this, we can do it in 150 seats, then we will do it in 150 seats. If our procurement is not possible, then 70-80 seats may be available. If the machine breaks down further, it could be at 50.’

This commissioner said that one and a half to two lakh more EVMs have to be bought to vote in EVMs in 150 seats. He did not agree to open his mouth on whether the procurement work has started or not.

EC Alamgir said, “We have no contact with the government.”

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