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NASA sounded the sounds of space on Twitter

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Update : Wednesday, August 24, 2022

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If you are asked the question, does sound exist in space? The answer to this would be no. And with the reasoning behind this, they may ask again, space is empty. Most of its spaces are empty. How will sound waves pass through it? And if not, how will the word exist?

It is good to know that sound does not exist in space, it is a misconception. The space research organization NASA has tweeted a related video to break that misconception. News from Hindustan Times.

“There is so much gas in the Perseus galaxy cluster that we got real sound traces from there,” the agency tweeted. That sound is amplified. Another cosmic term is associated with it, the term black hole.

A galaxy cluster contains a large amount of gas. It covers hundreds or even thousands of galaxies within it. It provides a medium for sound waves to travel.

Since 2003, NASA has been studying noise from the black hole at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster. Astronomers have discovered that this is because the pressure exerted by the black hole creates waves in the hot gas of the galaxy cluster. That wave can be translated into a sound note. Although it cannot be heard by the human ear. That sound is made audible by scientists in a special way. The black hole sound machine converts it into waves audible to the human ear.

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