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Chittagong : Sidewalk-Market Winter Breeze

Md Shahadat Hossain: Winter has not yet come in the year calendar;However, the presence of winter is going to be noticed in nature. Autumn is almost over.Dew is mixed in the morning grass.With the onset of winter in winter, the shopkeepers of clothes are sitting in warm clothes.So, starting from the city’s shopping malls and sidewalk shops, colorful winter clothes are also being decorated.

Today, most of the wholesale clothes shops in Riazuddin Bazar are full of various winter clothes.These winter clothes include coats, jackets, sweaters and shawls with colorful designs. However, even though these stores have stocks for sale of all kinds of winter clothes, the crowd of buyers has not gathered yet.Besides, they are bought at wholesale prices from these wholesale shops and sold in the retail market in many markets.The retailers of these retail markets are not yet showing full interest in making winter clothes in their shops, said the wholesalers.

As you enter the Zahur Hawker Market, shopkeepers on both sides of the street line the sidewalks with colorful winter clothes.The crowd of buyers is also noticeable.Some have come to buy warm clothes before winter comes in the hope that they will get a little lower price.And the shopkeepers are also sitting with Gait’s outerwear.Some of the clothes that come in the gait are clean and tidy.And some of the clothes are unwashed and torn.The price of the cloth has been determined according to the design and cleanliness of the garment. Some people are buying clothes from the crowd of buyers according to their taste and ability.Again, some are returning empty-handed just looking at the clothes.

Riazuddin Bazar’s owner of ‘Al Noor Fashion’ Md.Zakaria said, ‘We have stockpiled various types of winter clothes in the shop as we have started the winter season with a few books. However, it is not being sold in full force yet.Sometimes one or two buyers are coming, but also retail buyers. We mainly sell wholesale.Most of us are buyers and retailers.They buy these products from us at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices.But these retailers in the retail market have not shown much interest yet.Maybe in a few days the winter clothes market will freeze. ‘

Speaking in the same tone, Naeem Iqbal of Rahmania Enterprise, a wholesale clothing retailer in Riazuddin Bazar, said, However, sales have not yet fully frozen. If the winter grows a little more in the future, maybe the sales will come to a standstill.In addition, lots of school sweaters are sold to students of different kg schools every year.But this time they are not being sold as the school and college are closed due to the infection of corona virus.When the market freezes, we sell clothes worth an average of Tk 4/5 lakh every day. Even though it has not been sold like that yet, I hope it will be sold in a big way when winter comes. ‘

Meanwhile, most of the shopping malls in the city, including Sanmar Ocean City and UNESCO City Center, have not yet stockpiled winter clothes.The shopkeepers said that the reason for this is that there is no demand from the buyers yet.Pradeep Das of Ocean City, Sanmar, said:

Akhtar Hossain, owner of Akhtar Enterprise in the same market, said,“For the time being,I have a limited collection of winter clothes in the shop.Towards the end of this month,I will be stocking up on all kinds of winter clothes for sale. Meanwhile, a variety of used winter clothes are being sold on the sidewalks in the vicinity of Zahur Hawkers Market and its two gates.Most of the buyers here are day laborers, rickshaw pullers or lower-middle class people.

These poor people buy all kinds of used winter clothes at low prices and prevent winter. Abdur Rahman, a buyer who came to buy winter clothes from the sidewalk in front of Zahur Hawkers Market, told Siways, ‘I work as a day laborer.I can’t afford to buy new clothes from the market, winter is coming so I have come to buy cheap winter clothes for me and my family members.

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