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Harassment and threats to two journalists of BSMRSTU, GD at the police station

BSMRSTU correspondent : He has filed a general diary against Tariq Litu, a student of Management Studies Department of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology (BSMRSTU ) in Gopalganj, for threatening two teachers and an official of the university.

In the general diary filed with the police station by Tariq Litur, the university correspondent of the daily Samakal and the president of the university press club, three people including the examination controller of the university Golam Haider have been accused.

The GD alleges that the student went on a hunger strike in front of the front gate of the university on October 26, demanding admission to the vacant seat from the delay list. Assured by the university administration, the students on hunger strike on the night of October 29 called off the strike. An inquiry committee was formed on November 1 to look into the admission of students in vacant seats from the delay list. Faisal Zaman, a university student and university correspondent for the daily Shiromani, was summoned to the inquiry committee on November 2 to inquire about the news release.

Faisal Zaman on his way from Dhaka to Khulna can find out the news of his grandfather’s death. He later informed Professor Abdul Quddus Miah, a member secretary of the inquiry committee, over the phone. Even then the inquiry committee asked him to appear before the inquiry board. He could not attend his grandfather’s janaza as he was facing the board of inquiry. Shocked by the incident, Faisal Zaman posted on Facebook. Faisal wrote in the post that he wanted to die in such torture. And if anything happens to Faisal in this case, then the investigation committee formed regarding the university administration and admission will be responsible.

Asked to cover the news at 9:22 pm on the day of the incident, the daily Samakal University correspondent Litu Proctor. Raziur called Rahman. Shortly afterwards, at 10:10 pm, Abdul Quddus Mia, Member Secretary of the Student Affairs Investigation Committee and Dean of the Faculty of Law, asked the former Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Asked to go to Shahjahan’s room.

If I attend at the appropriate time, the former vice chancellor. “We don’t care about journalists like you,” Shahjahan said.

Former Vice Chancellor (Acting) said. Shahjahan and Proctor. Raziur Rahman wants to explain some of the news of my past days. I explain all the news. Then they both called me a yellow journalist.

Proctor Dr Raziur Rahman was photographed with the students on hunger strike and he also threatened to take legal action against me and the Bashemurbiprabi Press Club for posting the picture on the University Press Club Facebook page.

Besides, SM Golam Haider, one of the members of the committee and controller of examinations, told me that the wife of the MP in your area (Khulna 7) used to work at Khulna University under me. He threatened to destroy my existence if he complained to the people’s representative about me.

“I am a member of the inquiry committee,” said SM Golam Haider, controller of examinations. I wasn’t on the investigation board all the time. Went occasionally. However, he admitted that while working at Khulna University, the wife of the MP of Khulna 6 constituency used to work under him.

University Vice-Chancellor. AQM Mahbub said, “I don’t know about the GD of the journalist.” No one is above the law. So two journalists were called to the investigation committee to get the correct information. I don’t know what happened there.

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