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Chittagong : Rape Is Increasing,Panic Is Increasing!

Md Shahadat Hossain: Incidents of violence against women and children are happening every day in Chittagong metropolis and different upazilas of the district.Somewhere children, somewhere women are being raped or various physical abuse. From the children of low-income families to the highly educated young women, women are not spared from the hands of rapists.

Housemaids in the hands of the landlord, children in the hands of neighbors, young women in the hands of former acquaintances,girlfriends in the hands of friends, even students in the hands of teachers are not left out.But last month, the government increased the punishment for rape by issuing a notification with the death penalty.Rape is still not going to stop.

Lawyers say it is not possible to reduce or stop the incidence of rape or rape only by increasing the punishment.We need to create bonds between people from all walks of life.The state has to think about how to reduce the instability in the minds of the people or how to stop the people from committing rape and take action accordingly.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.I have to get out of here.Wealth must be distributed evenly.
Mona (pseudonym), a housemaid, was raped by her landlord on October 31 at a house in Charkhijirpur village of Boalkhali upazila in Chittagong district. Mona was raped after Miladunnabi was called to take the tabarak and the door of the kitchen was closed. Boalkhali police arrested Fazal Karim, 65, from Charkhijirpur village on November 1 the next day after he lodged a complaint.

Another village next door is Shakpura Baruartek village.Thirty-five-year-old Shimul Dey, 35, raped a 12-year-old child in the village.The child was raped after being lured to the back of a garment factory while playing with his sister.On learning of the incident, the child’s mother lodged a case with the Boalkhali police station.On November 1, the Boalkhali police arrested Shimule Dey from her home.

Rape is not happening only in Boalkhali. Such rapes are happening in different areas of the district upazila for several days in a row.The latest incident took place at around 2.30 pm on November 1 in the Outer Link Road area of ​​Bandar Police Station.Police raided the house and arrested Shafiqul Islam and his accomplices Badshah and Shaheen. Earlier on October 19, a 5-year-old child was sexually harassed at the Jamiatul Medina Ebtedai ​​Madrasa in Muslimabad under Patenga Police Station.The child was sexually harassed after being lured inside the madrasa.Patenga police arrested the main accused Maksudur Rahman and his accomplice Mamunur Rashid from the madrasa after the child’s mother appeared at the police station and filed a case.

Besides, a shocking incident of rape took place in Chambal area of ​​Banshkhali upazila.The matter came to light after a madrasa teacher named Mozammel Haque was arrested on the night of November 1 for fleeing from Devidwar in Comilla.Arrested Mozammel Haque raped an 11-year-old girl while teaching at a maktab (Forkania Madrasa) in Chambal area of ​​Banshkhali.After the arrest of Mozammel Haque, RAB said that Mozammel Haque raped the 11-year-old child four times.

Some of the district police,city police and RAB officials said they were taking action as soon as they received allegations of rape of women and children.The accused are being arrested and sent to jail through the court.No one is being exempted in any way.

Maulana Mir Idris, director of a madrassa in Chittagong called Jamiatul Iman, said anyone with the fear of God would never be involved in rape.Islamic education should be added to the education system so that the fear of Allah comes among all.The issue of morality must be brought in the education system.Kinship cannot be maintained in the case of justice.Then the incidents of rape will come down in the society and at some point these tragic incidents will stop.

Talking to ASP Mahmudul Hasan Mamun of RAB-7, he said, “We are arresting the culprits immediately after the incident and handing them over to the law.”Even then, I can’t say why rape and murder are happening in the society. Sociologists can say better.

Meanwhile, the former vice chancellor of Chittagong University and sociologist said if you want to know why rape is happening in the society even after increasing the amount of punishment. Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury said, such incidents happen when there is instability in a society.This kind of thing happens even when people’s bonds with people are broken.In order to get rid of this, the victim’s family and

relatives must first stand by the victim.To protest. Don’t be afraid.
He said it was not possible for the government alone to stop incidents like rape and murder.People from all walks of life, from law enforcement, journalists and teachers, must come forward.You have to raise your voice in the alleys.We have to stand up by forming area based committees.
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