November 26, 2020, 3:47 am

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Hilsa procurement ban is being lifted in Cox’s Bazar Fishermen will go fishing from Thursday

Tahjibul Anam , Cox’s Bazar: After 22 long days in Cox’s Bazar The ban on hilsa harvesting is coming to an end on Wednesday (November 4). Hilsa will be caught again from next Thursday (November 5). After being closed for 22 days, the fishermen will start catching hilsa again in the sea and rivers from Thursday.

This information has been known from the sources of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock. In conservation of Hilsa resources, the main breeding season of Hilsa (October 14 to November 4) is a total of 22 days as in the rest of the country.

Hilsha fish procurement, transportation, storage, marketing, sale and exchange were also banned in Cox’s Bazar. The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock had issued a notification to implement this initiative of the government. The 22-day ban will end on Wednesday (November 4). Since Thursday, there has been no legal impediment to fishing for hilsa in various rivers in Cox’s Bazar.

According to sources, the program is being implemented jointly by the naval police, coast guard and the fisheries department with the district administration. VGF rice was allotted to fishermen under the government’s humanitarian food aid program during the ban on catching hilsa. Each family is given 20 kg.

Cox’s Bazar Fisheries and Livestock Officer SM Khalequzzaman said illegal attempts to harvest hilsa in the waters were not allowed to succeed in any way during the ban. In the case of hilsa breeding, mother hilsa was not allowed to be harvested in any way. Fishermen were not allowed to enter the river where mother hilsa could be found. Meanwhile, after 22 long days, the fishermen are very happy to get the consent to fish again.

“It is very good news for us that we will be able to go to sea again from Thursday,” said Rahman Jaler of Nunia Chhara in the city. My family has been going through this tension for so long. A lot of debt has accumulated in him. However, if I work now, maybe my family will be as good as before.

The size and taste of hilsa is much better than other years. This year’s hilsa production has broken all previous records in overall management. The government has taken a plan to continue this trend of production.

It is learned that mobile courts and campaigns have been conducted at different times to implement the campaign for conservation of mother hilsa. During this time illegal nets including current nets have been seized. Fishermen violating the ban have been jailed for various terms and fined. The case has been filed. Hilsa fish has been seized.

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