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AJM Nasir Who Was With Millions Of People In Corona, Is Now In Hospital.

Md Shahadat Hossain: While in the black clutches of the corona, Lundbhand economy and livelihood. Kamla is under house arrest for fear of life.That’s when he became a political activist and a worker.Only AJM Nasir Uddin was in the field of Chittagong day and night risking his life.As the ‘mayor’ all day, he used to sit down with his notebooks and pens after completing all the official work of the city corporation. After finishing all the office work during the day, he would sit down at night with a notebook pen to write his name and address.

It is not an account book!He used to take note of the food aid requests of middle class families who were imprisoned in lockdown out of public shame.
In this way AJM Nasir Uddin kept himself busy in human service day and night.He gave food items to 150 to 200 families a day.Those who have informed about the application for food assistance through SMS on mobile.He also sent food items to their homes.There is also the distribution and management of government-allocated relief assistance.

Corona also conducted clean-up operations on city streets to prevent it. Every day,disinfectant sprays are sprayed in different alleys of the ward. Distributed mask and hand sanitizer. Besides, former mayor AJM Nasir Uddin has distributed hand washing soap, bucket-mask and food items to 1 lakh indigent families in 41 wards.

Then, at the end of the mayor’s term,his relatives and well-wishers thought that he would leave the state and give time to himself and his family.Then he became busy with party activities.He worked day and night to organize the team.He has toured every ward.Sometimes the tree has been distributed for a month and sometimes the unit has held a conference of Awami League.Apart from this, he has done various social and organizational works including the general secretary of Chittagong District Sports Association.The man, who was so busy during the coronation period, has now been admitted to the hospital after being at home for seven days as a coroner.

AJM Nasir Uddin, general secretary of Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League and former mayor of Chittagong City Corporation (CHC) has been admitted to hospital on suspicion.He was admitted to Park View Hospital in the city on Tuesday (November 3) morning.AJM Nasir Uddin has been staying at home for a week as he feels slightly ill.He was finally admitted to the hospital today on the advice of a doctor.Various tests, including a CT scan, found 10 percent of his lungs damaged.Corona test samples have been collected.In the evening, it was learned from Chittagong Medical College Lab that his coronary report was positive.

During his tenure as mayor,he stood by the people from his personal organization in addition to the city corporation.At the time, AJM Nasir Uddin said, ‘Not just as a mayor, but as a political activist, he is by the side of the people.As an employee of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,I have stood by the people in this disaster by responding to her call.We have formed Corona Prevention Committee in each ward as per the instructions of the Ministry of Health.Various campaigns including miking are being carried out to create awareness among the city dwellers.

Members of middle-class and lower-middle-class families in different areas of 41 wards of the city, who could not seek relief or even take it in public for fear of public embarrassment, announced the delivery of food items as gifts from personal funds only after giving their mobile numbers and detailed addresses.After the announcement, AJM Nasir himself has made the list through the address and mobile number of the message that came asking for help on his personal mobile phone. According to the prepared list, the volunteers made a roadmap and delivered the gift items in the dark of night.AJM Nasir Uddin has delivered food items to more than 5,000 families.

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