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Three People Were Seriously Injured When They Obstructed Gambling In Madhabpur

Mir Jamal Habiganj: Furuk Mia, son of Tara Mia of Kalikapur (Noagaon) village in Baghasura union of Madhabpur upazila was holding a gambling event in the area with his team. Furuk Mia used to involve people from different districts in gambling in the area which was developed as an industrial area. In fact, in the eyes of the conscious community of the village, some people obstructed his activities.

Furuk Mia became furious. At one point, protesters led by Furuk Mia attacked gamblers Chhayed Mia, Rana Mia, Oli Mia and others. Rana Mia’s bones were broken in the attack and others were also seriously injured.

Injured Chayed Miah’s mother Asiya Khatun filed a case in this regard. The court directed the OC of Madhabpur police station to file the case as an FIR. After the court order was announced, Khasru Mia, Sadeq Mia, Kajal Mia, Abdul Ahad and their men led by Furuk Mia vandalized and looted the houses of Chayed Mia, Shahab Uddin and Feroz Mia with weapons.

Asiya Khatun said their men, led by Furuk Miah, stormed his house with home-made weapons and looted and vandalized it. No one could approach for fear. They looted in such a way that if they stopped, the murder could have been worse.

He took away valuables including gold ornaments worth Rs 1 lakh from the house. They vandalized 2 electric meters. The villagers were saved from major accidents as the people of the power office quickly repaired it. Doors, windows and furniture were vandalized and caused a loss of about 3 lakh rupees.

Meanwhile, Oli Mia of Kalikapur village said, “We have not taken any steps to make our village gambling free.” The gamblers became furious. They are harassing the protesters wherever they find them. The house is being vandalized. They are trying to hold the common people hostage through such activities in the area.

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